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Real Estate Website Design

4 tips for a more effective real estate web design In the highly competitive world of online real estate marketing, having an attractive website is not enough to ensure your success. The appearance of your real estate website does matter, of course, because often that first essential impression will determine whether visitors will continue on…

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How to Increase Leads to Your Real Estate Website

4 simple ways to convert more real estate visitors into leads If you have been trying to figure out how to increase leads to your real estate website, there are some simple website fixes that may help. As a dedicated real estate professional, you’ve probably invested a lot of time and effort crafting the perfect…

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5 Real Estate Email Marketing Ideas for a Successful Agency

Have you ever wondered how the top real estate agencies are achieving such success with their email marketing strategies? Wish you could get the same amazing results with your email newsletters? At For Sale Marketing, we’ve been hard at work analyzing the email marketing strategies of some of the most successful real estate agencies. After…

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How to Build an Awesome Real Estate Email Marketing List

Develop a full list of interested subscribers! As an experienced real estate marketer, you know just how effective email newsletters can be at building your business. You’re ready to put them to use promoting your real estate agency, but first you have to build your email marketing list. There are a whole host of strategies…

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How to Spend Your Real Estate Ad Dollars

With the explosive growth of the Internet, real estate agents now have a wide variety of marketing options available to grow their business. There are so many real estate advertising possibilities at your fingertips, in fact, that you may be tempted to employ too many promotions at once. This can leave you with a marketing…

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How to Use Google AdWords for Your Real Estate Listing

If you’re not using Google AdWords to promote your real estate listings, you’re missing out on a powerful, affordable marketing tool that can get amazing results. Google AdWords, the paid links that appear on the top, bottom, or side of search results, have some very specific advantages that make them an ideal way to advertise…

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Social Media for Real Estate Agents

As an astute real estate agent who uses the Internet, you are probably already familiar with social media. So you don’t need information on how to use social media, you need to know how to use social media to build your real estate business. You need to know how to leverage social media to attract…

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