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Broker Websites

real estate broker web designThe best broker websites do more than merely establish your real estate agency’s online presence. True, a real estate brokerage does need a strong online presence to succeed in today’s highly competitive real estate market, but a well-crafted, effective broker website can play a much more active role in your real estate agency’s success. In order to hold your own amid the large directory sites and mega-national agencies, your brokerage needs a multi-faceted real estate website that will help you accomplish all of your marketing and growth goals. Your broker website needs to effectively attract prospects and generate real estate leads online. It should be built with a solid design aesthetic that gives your agents space to grow while helping your brokerage to achieve a strong presence that creates a vivid brand that clients will instantly recognize. And lastly, you need a brokerage website that is loaded with useful features that will help you attract the best and brightest agents, the ones whose presence will actively help you build the success of your real estate agency.

When you have one of our broker websites, you get all this and more. Our custom real estate web designs provide everything you need to grow your real estate business, whether you are a new independent broker just going out on your own or a large multi-agent brokerage with locations across the globe. Take a look at everything you get with one of For Sale Marketing’s broker website designs:

Ideal for large, multi-agent brokers with more than one location

Our broker websites expand effortlessly to accommodate multiple locations. Our designers excel at creating a custom, iconic look for your locations that captures the flavor of each of your offices, while retaining a consistent structure that clearly indicates that all locations and offices are part of your cohesive broker brand.

Coordinated graphic design

For Sale Marketing excels at creating broker websites that present a coordinated look while allowing your agents to customize enough features on their sites to add a personal touch. We’ll create a distinctive look for your broker website to build your real estate brand, complete with logo, custom colors, and fonts and text stylings to create a distinctive look. We’ll carry that styling throughout your agency’s pages as well as your individual agents’ sites, with a consistent page design and quality that clearly makes your broker website a complete unit.

At the same time, we’ll allow your agents some freedom with their designs, so they can make it clear to clients what their specific real estate specialties are so they can begin to grow their personal followings. We leave room for agents to include their personal content pages within templates that keep the framework for your website clear and consistent to build your broker brand.

Solid SEO performance

Your broker website needs every possible advantage to help it compete against the large directory sites that are scooping up the top positions for real estate related searches. You’re not going to get that from a website that has a few search-friendly features tacked on as an afterthought. To help your brokerage gain the highest possible position in search engine results, we make sure strong search engine performance is built into the bones of all of our real estate broker websites.  We’ll incorporate keywords into page titles and copy, optimize photos, videos, etc. and make sure that every element of your broker website is carefully crafted to help your site achieve the highest possible position in search results.

Our real estate websites are designed to aggregate actions from your individual agents’ websites to turn your broker website into an SEO powerhouse. All of your agents’ pages will appear nested as sub-domains under your broker website’s domain name. What means that every time one of your agents posts a popular blog or listing page to their website, adds new content, gains unique visitors, or in fact does any search-engine friendly or traffic generating action on the agent website you provide them, your broker site gets an SEO boost. With every bit of search traffic building the SEO value of your broker website, it is easy to gain the high online visibility you need to grow your brokerage into a household brand.

Agent gallery

For Sale Marketing includes a dynamic agent gallery page with all our broker websites.  Visitors can instantly understand the scope of your brokerage from this page that features your agents’ photos and links to their individual websites.

IDX solutions

Our broker websites include integrated IDX solutions that encompass your entire site to make it easy for your agents to feature their latest listings on their individual websites. Your entire site becomes a lead generating machine: instantly capture prospects’ attention with an IDX search element prominently displayed on your home page, then let your agents keep the magic going with neighborhood pages that include their listings.

Expert lead generation elements

Lead generation is a key factor for broker websites, one that you rely on to build your business while satisfying your agents. For Sale Marketing’s highly effective lead management system for brokers includes a full array of lead generation elements to build your brokerage. We offer dynamic lead generation forms for your website that are optimized to build engagement with today’s home buyers and sellers, who typically use mobile devices to access the web.  Your agents can each select the particular forms they wish to incorporate into their websites within your larger site.

Our designers can create branded digital materials that will continue to build your brokerage while helping individual agents attract more prospects. These lead generation offerings include monthly email newsletters, real estate social marketing strategies, real estate blog writing services, and more. To maximize the marketing effect of these strategies, we will connect and coordinate these strategies with your broker website. Our marketers can ramp up your marketing efforts with attractive, compelling landing pages that are customized to coordinate with your broker website and make your agents’ lead generation efforts more successful.

Call For Sale Marketing to find out about our special pricing options that make our attractive, effective broker websites an affordable option to help your brokerage become the real estate success you envision.