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Agent Branding

real estate brandingTake a look at the top performing realtors in your area and you’ll quickly notice something they all have in common: each has a distinctive, easily recognizable personal brand.  Whether you are a new real estate agent just starting your career or an experienced realtor looking to expand your market reach, establishing your own personal brand will give you several key advantages. A strong personal brand helps clients feel they know something about you, giving you a head start on forming the personal relationships that are the key to long-term real estate success. Building your brand will help you develop clients who have a lifetime loyalty to you, because the focus is on you, not on your agency. And once you have built your personal brand, real estate clients will be able to find you easily, even if you switch locations or move to a different brokerage.

Building a distinctive agent brand requires valuable content, a strong media presence, and interaction with your target market to convey an identity. Agent branding should be unique and memorable so that it will be instinctively be associated with you, the real estate professional, simply through face/brand recognition. At For Sale Marketing, we’re experienced at helping real estate professionals identify, develop, and promote their individual brand. We’ll help you through every step of the agent branding process; by the time you go through our entire agent branding process, you’ll have established a strong, easily recognizable personal brand that will turn you into a real estate marketing powerhouse. Here’s what you can expect when you work with For Sale Marketing to develop your agent brand:

Identifying your individual agent brand

Before you can begin building your brand, you have some assessments to make. Our branding experts will work with you to establish answers to key questions about your core identity. We’ll help you identify your core demographic, so that you can focus your real estate marketing efforts in targeting this group specifically. Do you mainly assist professionals or investors with home sales and purchases, or do you work with families more regularly? Is your most common client of a particular age range? We’ll help you narrow down who you will market to, consider what local areas are the most desirable, as well as the most profitable for you to target, and then determine which neighborhoods you possess the most knowledge about. Our branding experts will help you articulate the unique quality you bring to the real estate experience; this will form the core of your agent brand.

Creating a distinctive look for your agent brand
The talented graphic artists at For Sale Marketing can develop a signature look for your agent brand that is distinctive and easily recognizable. Our custom-designed realtor branding packages encompass the full range of online and offline real estate branding materials:

  • Offline Real Estate Branding
    We extend your agent brand throughout your offline real estate marketing efforts with a personalized logo, business cards, letterhead, and postcards.
  • Online Real Estate Branding
    We help you create a cohesive online presence by carrying your personal branded look from your website to all your online real estate marketing strategies. Once we create a distinctive color theme and logo for your custom real estate website, we’ll incorporate your signature theme into your Facebook and Twitter pages, dedicated YouTube Channel, and real estate email newsletters. For a final classic touch, we can include a custom HTML email signature to make your branding efforts complete.

Establishing a strong online presence for your agent brand
Once you have defined your brand and created a signature look that resonates, it is time to establish your agent brand with the public. The marketers at For Sale Marketing will help you take advantage of all available online channels to build a powerful presence for your real estate agent brand, including:

  • Responsive real estate website – Reach real estate customers at home and on the go with a mobile-friendly website that builds your brand with lead generating web forms, IDX, and more.
  • Social marketing for real estate – One of the key ways real estate agents can build their brand is through social marketing. We’ll help you employ the full range of real estate social marketing strategies, by answering questions in Google+ Hangouts, participating in discussions on LinkedIn, and of course, engaging customers through Facebook and Twitter.
  • Real estate blog – A weekly or biweekly real estate blog with helpful, informative content will strengthen your brand by establishing your site as the best place to seek out useful real estate information

Consistently delivering your real estate agent brand
The keys to building your real estate brand are consistency and visibility. To firmly establish your brand in the eyes of the public, we can provide ongoing support to adjust your SEO efforts so your real estate website gains the highest possible search ranking. Incorporate content that includes key words and phrases that relate to your new realtor brand identity. You will need to make sure you consistently include your new branding look and message on all of your marketing materials and communications – everything from yard signs to emails to your business cards should include your signature logo and branding message.

Once real estate customers associate you with your brand, you have succeeded in establishing a credible identity and a professional reputation.  A well-known agent brand can serve as a promise of satisfaction and quality customer service.

Let For Sale Marketing help you create the strong real estate agent brand that will serve as the core foundation for your marketing efforts for years to come. We offer complete real estate agent branding services that provide everything you need for prime visibility, including graphic design services, responsive real estate website design, email marketing services, and much more. You can count on our talented marketers and graphic artists to create a custom designed agent brand that perfectly expresses your real estate brand and vision.