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Real Estate Video Marketing

real estate video marketingIf you aren’t using video as part of your real estate marketing strategies, you are missing out on a powerful promotional tool that can go a long way towards ensuring the success of your agency. Video is proving to be an increasingly effective way for realtors to market their agency, listings, and services to prospective clients. The introduction of Millennials onto the home buying stage recently moved video into a real estate marketing priority, but the benefits of video marketing don’t stop with this age group.

Just look at all the benefits you can gain from incorporating video into your marketing arsenal. Home buyers of all ages and demographics respond well to videos and are demonstrably more interested in listings when they have access to virtual tours and walk-throughs of the home and property. Prospects who are searching for a real estate agent are more likely to choose someone they have met and are comfortable with, and videos that feature agents as narrators and tour guides can help to create that feeling of closeness and familiarity. Clients who discover you offer a video library of real estate information that includes How-to guides, helpful tips, etc., will see you as an industry authority and their go-to source for all their real estate needs. And lastly, video marketing will give an SEO boost to your online marketing strategies that can help you compete with the large real estate directory services like Zillow and Trulia so you can capture some of the higher spots in real estate searches.

Succeeding at real estate video marketing isn’t as easy as simply pushing record on your smartphone or video camera, however. Videos that you shoot on the fly will improve your sales figures, provided you know how to publicize and promote them, but professionally scripted real estate videos can achieve an exponentially wider marketing reach as their higher production values provide a professional patina that gives your agency a polish that can’t be beat. Whether you are just venturing into video marketing for the first time or are interested in improving on the quality of the videos you now feature, For Sale Marketing offers a full array of real estate video marketing services to meet your needs. Our staff of experienced professional real estate marketers and videographers can help you with every step of developing your real estate video marketing strategy. We can walk you through the entire online video production process, from initial scripting and storyboarding through optimizing, publishing, and publicizing your videos for the greatest impact. We’ll help you create a dynamic video marketing strategy for your real estate agency:

Real estate video script planning and creative services

The first step in creating winning real estate videos begins with a script. While you may do a superb job of explaining the features of your real estate listings to home buyers on an ad lib basis, scripting out what you will say in advance is a key part of creating a vibrant video presence. Video script writing is a bit different from other types of writing and requires some specialized skills. Our creative talent is experienced at helping you choose a clear and concise concept for each video. We’ll help write a winning script that conveys this concept in understandable language and terms, incorporating all the key facts and elements into your video script in an appealing manner.

Storyboarding services to plot your real estate video

Once the concept and script is in place, we’ll use storyboarding to plot the course of your video. Storyboards consist of a series of drawings that look like a graphic novel or comic book, with cells that show everyone’s position and dialogue at any given moment in the video. Storyboarding is a particularly useful tool for real estate video marketing, because it makes it easy to create engaging video series on subjects that might otherwise seem a little dry, such as mortgages and financing. Because you can see how your shots will play out in advance, you can adjust elements to make sure you deliver a consistent tone and feel without allowing the material to feel repetitive or boring. For Sale Marketing’s storyboarding services can also reduce the amount of time it takes to shoot each of your real estate videos. Each shot is plotted out in advance, eliminating wasted time trying to figure out how to frame shots on the fly.

Professional videography services

While smartphones and cameras have the ability to record video, the images they produce simply can’t compare to professionally shot footage created by an experienced videographer. Our professional videographers are available to shoot videos on location at your featured properties or out and about to capture the spirit of the neighborhoods you represent.

Search engine optimization for real estate video

In order for your videos to have the greatest marketing impact, you need to get them where clients can find them. That means you need to apply the same SEO techniques to your videos that you use with your website, blogs, and all your other online content. Our SEO experts will use the full range of optimization techniques to ensure you get the maximum boost in search results. We’ll incorporate the latest, highest trending real estate keywords into a title, tags, and description of your video, include a clickable link to drive traffic to your website and more.

Video publishing and marketing services to extend your real estate marketing reach

Once your video is ready to go, we’ll help you publish it on the internet so it can start bringing in some clients for your real estate agency. There are a variety of ways to incorporate video into your website. Our expert marketers will determine which methods will work best for your clientele and put them to use. For Sale Marketing is experienced at utilizing social media channels to publicize your efforts. We’ll set up a dedicated YouTube channel for you, publicize your videos through blogs, and put your video library to work building your real estate marketing reach.

When you’re ready to start using the power of video to strengthen your marketing strategies, call For Sale Marketing. We’ll give you everything you need to put a dynamic real estate video marketing strategy in place to build your business.