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9 Social Media Tips for Realtors

social media tips for realtorsHow to create winning real estate social media campaigns

Are your social media marketing campaigns falling short? Realtors are often surprised when their social media marketing campaigns don’t generate the results they were hoping to achieve. It seems like such a natural fit, after all – we all use social media daily in our personal lives, so using it to generate leads from homebuyers and sellers should be easy. Unfortunately, using social media to market your real estate business is a bit more complex than social sharing on a personal level. If you are looking for ways to improve your real estate social marketing campaigns so they generate more leads, we have nine social media tips for realtors that will help.

Make the most of your Facebook page

Are you maximizing your Facebook page’s promotional potential? Facebook offers several options that can help boost your social media marketing efforts. Make sure you are using all the features that could help you generate more leads:

  • Enable Reviews – client testimonials and positive reviews are like having tiny client advocates promoting your real estate skills 24/7
  • Include Services – show clients what your real estate agency has to offer
  • Link your Pages – connect to your Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest pages
  • Encourage Contact – connect Contact Us to an easy to use form

Encourage social sharing

When members of your social circle share posts with your latest property offerings or helpful tips with other, it brings your message to a wider audience and generates more leads. To help your real estate social media campaigns achieve the widest reach possible, you should include social share and follow buttons on all your posts. The follow buttons build your social circle while the sharing buttons make it easy for your fans to pass your posts on to others.

  • Be social (promote other content) – Some realtors make the mistake of thinking that sharing real estate-related content from other sources dilutes their brand. The exact opposite is true, in fact – curating useful content from reputable sources in the real estate industry will help your followers to see you as an industry thought leader. Some recommend the 4-1-1 rule, which calls for a sharing mix of 4 posts of original, useful content, 1 promotional post, and 1 re-share of someone else’s post.
  • Create a coordinated social media presence – Some real estate professionals make the mistake of concentrating their social marketing efforts solely on Facebook, or just on Facebook and Twitter. While that may be a winning strategy for other businesses, real estate is a little different.

Many realtors are finding the greatest success with a four-pronged real estate social marketing strategy that includes Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. Establishing a solid presence on these four social networks will help you to reach home buyers in each demographic in their favorite social space.

Liven it up with video

Using video content is social media tips for realtors. There are several ways that you can use videos in your real estate social media marketing campaigns to ramp up interest and stand out from the crowd

  • Include short clips in your Tweets and posts
  • Add 360 videos
  • Use video with your paid social media marketing ads

Use social PPC ads to get noticed

Facebook has enacted new guidelines that make it harder than ever for realtors to achieve organic reach through social marketing campaigns, and the other social networks are expected to follow suit. Social pay per click ads, also known as PPC ads, are an effective way to connect with clients and get your posts noticed. Try using Facebook dynamic real estate ads and other social PPC ads on different social networks, running multiple real estate social media campaigns to see which generate the best response. 

  • Create dedicated landing pages that convert – When followers click on your social posts, they don’t want to wade through your website to find the listing or page that intrigued them. Instead of linking your social posts and ads to a generic page, create several dedicated landing pages that are directly related to the posts. Complete the pages with lead generating forms that are specific to the social posts and ads for powerful real estate marketing campaigns that will produce actionable leads.
  • Be consistent – The trick to running effective real estate social media campaigns is to be consistent. Posting 3 to 4 times a day, every day, will help you stay in touch with clients and build a social following. Make sure your posts offer value to your clients, however; simply posting for the sake of sending something will have you “unfollowed” in a hurry.
  • Hire some help – Social media can be a powerful marketing tool for realtors, but it does require a considerable time investment. Many realtors prefer to concentrate on serving their real estate clients, so they hire real estate social media marketing companies to handle their social marketing chores.

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