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Real Estate Blogging

real estate blogsIn the highly competitive real estate industry, visibility is one of the keys to success. Realtors who are able to achieve a high visibility have buyers and sellers reaching out to them, so they are able to focus on selling properties instead of having to constantly search for new clients. Unfortunately, most of the traditional promotion tools such as billboards and advertising can be quite expensive. Real estate blogging is the perfect solution! An engaging blog is one of the most valuable and economical online real estate marketing strategies you can employ, as it will dramatically amplify your online presence without requiring a large investment. If you have the time and talent to write your blog posts yourself, all your blog costs you is some time. If you don’t have the leisure or inclination to write your own real estate blogs, our professional real estate bloggers can write, post, and publicize engaging, search optimized blogs for you for a surprisingly affordable rate.

The importance of real estate blogging to increase your visibility cannot be overstated: by adding a weekly or biweekly blog to your real estate website, you will be able to enhance your online image, establish yourself as a real estate authority, and reach a wider pool of potential clients than would otherwise be possible. There are several factors that make real estate blogging one of the best ways to increase your visibility and bring clients to your door:

Real estate blogging builds your brand
When your website features an interesting, informative blog that provides the information visitors are seeking about real estate issues, you demonstrate your knowledge and expertise. You establish yourself as an industry authority, someone potential clients can rely on to steer them to the correct course in real estate matters. As your blogs build your brand and establish trust with your website visitors, you nurture and grow these relationships, a move that will lead these visitors to your door when they are ready to purchase or sell their home.

Real estate blogging drives traffic to your website
Since your website is the heart of your online marketing strategies and the key way you generate new leads, increasing traffic to your website should be one of the top, ongoing goals of your real estate marketing strategies. Blogging is one of the most effective ways to drive traffic to your real estate website; with a well-written, intriguing blog as the center of your online marketing strategies, you can create a coordinated campaign that will put you front and center with potential clients. Share intriguing tidbits from your blogs through your social media, using Facebook and Google+ posts, Tweets, and other social shout-outs that link back to your blog to bring it to the notice of your entire social network. Visitors will go to your website to read the compelling content of your blog, then stay to peruse your properties and offerings.

Real estate blogging raises your search ranking
There are many ranking factors that Google considers when assigning positions in search results; real estate blogging gives you a way to hit several of the sweet spots that Google loves best. The highest ranking and trending keywords are constantly changing, as news stories come and go, and the phrases people use when searching fall in and out of favor. Your real estate blog gives you the opportunity to add new keywords to your website once or twice a week, so it can always feature the latest trending, most currently effective keywords to achieve the highest possible search ranking.

Posting blogs to your real estate website on a consistent weekly or biweekly basis gives your website the constant flow of new content that is one of the elements Google’s algorithm factors in when assigning search rankings. Certain types and topics of real estate content score higher with both readers and Google; For Sale Marketing can create a rich mix of this high-scoring content for your website or provide you with guidelines so you can create the blogs that will further raise your search rank.

As readers share and link to the interesting content in your real estate blog, you build the strategic links that will help raise your website to the front page and top results of searches. This increased visibility will make a huge difference in the number of clients you have calling, as studies have shown that the vast majority of searchers (94% according to a recent study by Chitika) never look beyond the first page of search results.

Our websites make real estate blogging easy
For Sale Marketing’s real estate websites come complete with a real estate blog already built in! Our WordPress designed websites have a smart design and clean coding that boosts their place in search engine results. WordPress sites were designed with blogging in mind, so they feature a simple to use interface that will be familiar to anyone who uses common word-processing software. Built- in tools make it easy to optimize your blogs with keywords, long tail phrases, and custom meta tags, so you can get the peak performance that will drive your site to the front page of search engine rankings. With For Sale Marketing’s WordPress-designed real estate websites, even first-time bloggers will find the whole blog-posting process to be a stress-free, easy to accomplish task.

If you choose to have For Sale Marketing’s professional bloggers authoring your posts, you know that every post will be optimized to achieve the highest possible marketing value. SEO strategies will be correctly applied, with top trending keywords in the right places in the title, Meta description, and ALT tags. Keywords and the long-tail phrases used in mobile searches will be incorporated throughout the blog text in the right density and a natural sounding manner, and images will be correctly optimized and sized. If you have the time to write your blogs yourself, our SEO experts can provide tutorial and support services to teach you everything you need to know to get the maximum marketing value from your real estate blogging efforts.