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Graphic Design

graphic design for realtorsFirst impressions are crucial to your real estate business. From that first business card handed to a prospect buyer at an open house to the cover photo that greets visitors to your social media page, the marketing materials you choose to represent your agency can have a lasting impact on the success of your real estate marketing strategies. To help you create a positive impression with real estate clients, For Sale Marketing combines captivating on and offline graphic design services to deliver highly effective branding packages that will help you build your real estate agency. We are experienced at creating coordinated branding packages for real estate agents and brokers that make your agency memorable and appealing in a way that extends your marketing reach.  Check out our full list of on- and off-line graphic design services to build your real estate brand:

Offline Real Estate Graphic Design Services

When visitors leave with your promotional materials in their hand, what do those materials say about your real estate agency? Your meeting or open house may be over in an hour, but the business card and flyers you handed out will remain with these prospects for days or weeks.   What do they say about your real estate company, and is it the message you want to convey? Do the flyers, business cards, and handouts that your real estate agency uses represent the truth about your firm? The more professional your design looks, the more credibility your brand will have. While DIY graphics programs and word processing have come a long way in recent years, there is a noticeable and obvious difference between most professionally designed marketing materials and the ones created by even talented amateurs. Use our graphic design services to improve the appearance of all your offline promotional materials:

Open house handouts

Our beautiful, full color graphics and designs are so much more appealing than a printed MLS sheet. We’ll include an attractive overview of the home on each handout, then present the most valuable information, in an easy to scan format. Typical layouts include the dimensions of each room, summaries for utility costs, property taxes, and a list of items that were added or upgraded, and when, for major items like the roof, or the air conditioning system.

On the day of your Open House, greet visitors with a polished, high-quality open house handout design that stands out from the rest. Printing out a sheet on your inkjet cannot compare to the impression made by our professionally designed and printed, glossy full-page Open House handout. For the greatest impact, we can carry your professional Open House handout design onto mailing materials.

Business cards, brochures, letterhead, and flyers

Placing your logo and signature look on everything with your name on it will maximize your efforts to produce even stronger visibility through continuity. From business cards to social media cover photos, our professional and captivating graphics can give your agency a definite edge.

Buying and Selling Guides

To encourage real estate leads to take that final step to sign with you, For Sale Marketing can provide you with printed and digital versions of educational guides that take prospects through the purchase/selling process painlessly. Creating a rich library of real estate content is easier than you might realize. In most cases, realtors already have a lot of content that we can repurpose into visually stimulating marketing materials to extend your real estate agency’s marketing reach.

Online Real Estate Graphic Design Services

Having one marketing agency design all your on and offline marketing materials makes more of a difference to your branding efforts than most realtors ever realize. When you have the graphic artists at For Sale Marketing create a consistent look across all your online marketing strategies, you build a strong, powerful real estate brand that gets your agency noticed and remembered. Let us improve the marketing impact of all your online strategies with our coordinated branding packages.

Appealing website design

We make your real estate website instantly memorable with a visually appealing, unique logo and color scheme that is professional, yet captivating. Creating visual impact straightaway will make your brand easier to remember. We consider what you bring to the real estate process as well as your personal style as we create your personal real estate branding materials. Our graphic designers will incorporate the latest real estate design trends while retaining your unique flavor for a unique, unmistakable look to your branding package.

Spiced up social media marketing strategies

Give your social strategies an extra boost with graphic design services that make sure your pages, posts, and ads are striking and memorable. Our graphic designers will begin with the cover picture on your social media, carrying over your signature styling from your branding package and making sure your logo is prominently featured. We can create visually dynamic Facebook Ads that don’t just sit on your target markets’ pages, they actively capture your prospects’ attention.

Enticing email newsletters

Make sure your real estate newsletters get clicked, not canned, with our attractive email newsletter designs. Once we carry your branding look onto the page, we can create an enticing layout using photos, images, and text to keep your clients’ attention focused from start to finish.

Compelling landing pages

Make your real estate lead generation forms more vastly more effective with the addition of our custom created landing pages. We’ll create an individual page for each of your forms with eye-catching graphics and dynamic call to action buttons that increase engagement and drive up completion rates.

HTML Email Signature

A branded email signature and V-card is a clever and simple way to reinforce your brand, build your opt-in list, and drive traffic to your online presence. We’ll include links, a fetching photo, your agency tagline, website address, as well as other options to make your signature pop with a professional and polished image.

E-books and guides

We can create e-books for your agency by combining some of your longer blogs or blending several of your posts on a similar real estate topic into a single narrative. Options include buyer-seller checklists, staging guides, negotiation tactics, and more.


The statistic-heavy blog posts you have written over the years can be repurposed into one of the most popular information formats on the web today – infographics. These easy to understand images convey information-rich topics in an eminently sharable way that can spread across the web like wildfire.

When you’re ready to boost your real estate marketing reach, call For Sale Marketing to discover the difference our visually exciting branding packages can make to your agency.