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5 Effective Real Estate Marketing Ideas

real estate marketing ideasTrying to increase engagement with home buyers? We have 5 highly effective real estate marketing ideas for you to try!

Are you finding it difficult to keep your real estate clients engaged? Many realtors are struggling with this problem, because the real estate industry has become so highly competitive in recent years that marketing fatigue has set in. Even experienced real estate professionals find they are having a hard time establishing and maintaining relationships with prospective clients. If you are having similar difficulties, trying to come up with entirely new marketing approaches may not be the answer. Finding unique, creative ways to reinvent the marketing tools you already use every day may be a far more effective way to engage with clients. To help you on your way, here are five creative, effective real estate marketing ideas for you to try.

#1: Create dazzling infographics, charts, guides, and maps

Visual marketing tools are a great way to increase engagement with clients and attract new leads. Graphics that demonstrate local statistics and information pack a powerful marketing punch when you use them to spice up your website, real estate blogs, and social posts.

If you have a skilled graphic designer on staff, you can tap their talents or hire an outside firm to design unique infographics, charts, maps, and more using local community information. You don’t need to do a lot of work finding info – you can create these graphics with the information you have already used in your blogs, videos, and other real estate marketing strategies. Best of all, because these graphics are original, you may find others sharing them and extending your marketing reach for free!

#2: Highlight local eateries and attractions through a blog or video series

Home buyers want to feel that they are doing more than moving into a great home, they are gaining a welcoming neighborhood. Create a series of blogs or videos that highlight neighborhood establishments, attractions, and get-togethers. You can develop a “hidden gems” series that focuses on the out-of-the-way places that only locals know, or shine a light on the popular “rising stars” that are attracting big notice. Extend the reach of this real estate marketing strategy by passing on local tips through emails.

#3: Develop your own light-hearted, humorous video show

Clients are going to come to your site for information that will help them buy or sell property, but let’s face it, nobody wants to feel like they are back in school. Instead of using dry, boring blogs or videos to pass along information, create a storyline and shoot a series of humorous videos that cover real estate topics in an engaging way. Video is one of the most versatile real estate marketing tools around – you can maximize the benefit from this strategy by featuring short clips from your shows in your Tweets and Facebook posts; and send out stills on your emails and Pinterest account. 

#4: Add a personal flair to your marketing

Real estate marketing is all about forging personal connections and building a recognizable brand. One of the best ways to stand out from the competition is by injecting your personal flair into some of your marketing messages. There are a lot of ways to do this; it’s just a question of finding the one that feels natural and fits the personality of your real estate agency.  Perform a parody video featuring a top song and your office staff, feature funny quizzes, or create social media posts capitalizing on the latest memes (just be careful not to push the boundaries too far). Humanizing your real estate brand this way is a great way to increase engagement with clients.

#5: Shoot “behind-the-scenes” videos at your office

People love to get a look behind the curtain to see what the companies they do business with are really like. Shooting “behind-the-scenes” videos that give prospective clients a look at how your real estate agency works and interacts together will go a long way towards helping clients feel that they know you personally. And when it comes time for their next property purchase or listing, clients will remember that deeper connection and make you their first call.

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