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Marketing Strategies

5 Effective Real Estate Marketing Ideas

Trying to increase engagement with home buyers? We have 5 highly effective real estate marketing ideas for you to try! Are you finding it difficult to keep your real estate clients engaged? Many realtors are struggling with this problem, because the real estate industry has become so highly competitive in recent years that marketing fatigue…

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Digital Real Estate Marketing 101

Learn how to use digital real estate marketing strategies to generate more leads Whether you are a new real estate agent or simply interested in generating more leads, learning about the top digital real estate marketing strategies is the first step to real estate success. 95% of home buyers turn to an online website during…

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Content Marketing for Real Estate: The Basics

How to Use Content Marketing for Real Estate After hearing everywhere that content marketing is the best way to grow your real estate business, you are ready to try it for yourself. That’s great – but before you can start using real estate content marketing, you need understand exactly what it is. This post covers…

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5 Ways Real Estate Email Marketing Can Help Your Business

Not sure if real estate email marketing can help your real estate business? Find out the top five ways it can! If you are not using email to build your real estate business, what are you waiting for? So much attention is focused on content marketing and social strategies that email is sometimes overlooked as…

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6 Tips for Creating Real Estate PPC Strategies

How to create winning real estate PPC ads in six easy steps Real estate PPC ads are one of the best ways for realtors to build their brand and generate new leads, particularly on social networks. Many realtors are finding great success using real estate PPC ad strategies that target homebuyers on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest,…

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Real Estate Lead Generation Myths

Are these real estate lead generation myths holding you back? Find out the truth! Are unrealistic expectations keeping you from developing a successful real estate lead generation plan? Now that more than 80 percent of homebuyers search for properties on the Internet, realtors need to have an effective way of generating leads online if they…

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The 2018 Real Estate Marketing Checklist

Are you ready for the marketing challenges of the New Year? Use this handy 2018 real estate marketing checklist to make sure! It’s that time of year again- time to update your real estate marketing plan for the New Year! As an independent realtor, you need to generate as many qualified leads as possible. The…

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Do I Need Content Marketing for My Real Estate Company?

Find out how content marketing can help your real estate company succeed If discussions of online marketing have left you wondering, “Do I need content marketing for my real estate company,” the answer is definitely Yes!  As you know, one of the biggest challenges for real estate agents is finding ways to generate real estate…

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7 Steps to Create a Real Estate Lead Generation Plan

How to Create a Real Estate Lead Generation Plan: 7 Steps If you want to succeed in real estate, you can’t wait for leads to find you online. You need to develop a solid marketing plan with specific steps and detailed strategies that will attract qualified real estate leads. If this sounds like an overwhelming…

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