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Do I Need Content Marketing for My Real Estate Company?

Content Marketing for My Real Estate CompanyFind out how content marketing can help your real estate company succeed

If discussions of online marketing have left you wondering, “Do I need content marketing for my real estate company,” the answer is definitely Yes!  As you know, one of the biggest challenges for real estate agents is finding ways to generate real estate leads. Over 90 percent of real estate companies now have websites, according to a recent study by NAR. With so many realtors competing for attention in the digital arena, it is harder than ever to get home buyers and sellers to notice your website. Content marketing is the most effective tool for doing that.

How does real estate content marketing help my company?

Content marketing helps your real estate company in many ways. Publishing informative blogs and content helps build your industry authority by giving you a way to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise. Content marketing gives your real estate website a big SEO boost, because you can add fresh content and update your keywords.  Content marketing also helps engage clients, nurtures long-time relationships, and generates referrals. The importance of content writing for real estate cannot be overstated, because it helps your real estate company in so many ways.

How can different types of content marketing help my real estate company?

Each of the different types of content helps to support and build your real estate company in its own unique manner.  Once you know what each type of content writing can accomplish, you can create a real estate content strategy to achieve your goals. Most real estate companies find the greatest success using a combination of different types of content in their marketing strategies. Here is an overview of the various types of content marketing along with the ways they can help your real estate company succeed:

Real estate blog – boost SEO, build industry authority, generate real estate leads

A real estate blog is the workhorse of your content marketing strategy. With a weekly or bi-weekly SEO-copywritten blog, you can add the latest trending keywords to your website. Each time you use your blog to add fresh content to your real estate website, you improve your SEO by satisfying another one of Google’s ranking factors. Getting that SEO boost can improve your search rank and make your website more visible to home buyers and sellers. That’s an important benefit, because getting noticed by home buyers is the first step in generating real estate leads. And when you use your real estate knowledge to create moving lists, mortgage guides, how to articles, and other informative content for real estate blog use, you build trust in your expertise, establishing your real estate company as a knowledgeable industry authority.

Real estate social marketing – engage with clients, nurture leads, and gain referrals

Once you publish your real estate blogs, promoting the content through Facebook posts, Tweets, Pinterest posts, and other social media will help drive traffic to your website. Content marketing through social media posts also helps your real estate company engage with home buyers. Social posts can generate leads and referrals when the friends and family of your social contacts see your content in their feeds. Social media marketing is a great way to build referrals. Since referrals remain the top way that most people find a real estate agent, social marketing is definitely a tool you need for your real estate company.

Email marketing for real estate – stay in touch with current and past clients, generate referrals

Email newsletters are an effective, non-intrusive form of content marketing that helps your real estate company to stay in touch with past and current clients. Content writing in the form of emails helps you nurture your client relationships. Emails are also an extremely sharable way to pass on information about appealing listings; your clients can easily share your emails by simply forwarding it to their friends and family who are looking for properties.

Now that you have answered the question, Do I need content marketing for my real estate company, and other queries about this marketing strategy, it is time to put content marketing to work building  your real estate agnecy! If you would like help creating content or implementing a content marketing strategy, For Sale Marketing can help. We offer expert SEO-copywriting creation services for realtors, including real estate blog writing services, social marketing packages, website copy creation, and more, expertly designed to help your real estate agency succeed.

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