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Real Estate Facebook Advertising

facebook advertising for realtorsWhen it comes to cost-effective lead generation methods for real estate, Facebook advertising is in a category all its own. Facebook Ads – those advertisements that populate the right side of your Facebook page – are taking the real estate industry by storm as realtors discover just how well paid ads work when used in conjunction with social media.  In fact, many real estate agencies are now shifting a large percentage of the PPC funds they’d earmarked for Google AdWords into Facebook Ads. It makes sense, because Facebook advertising offers a number of unique advantages that make it a natural match for real estate agents and agencies trying to extend their marketing reach.

One of the many benefits of Facebook Ads is that they are extremely affordable and effective. Enacting a real estate Facebook advertising strategy can be far less expensive than running a Google AdWords campaign. You won’t be bidding against the large real estate directory services like Zillow, Trulia, and for a few nationally ranked keywords. Instead, you select options that are designed to help realtors precisely target their marketing efforts. You can create Facebook Ads that are specifically intended to help you achieve a number of desired goals, from sending people to your website to increasing conversions and raising attendance at your next Open House or event.  Because Facebook Ads are so precisely targeted, real estate professionals can achieve an amazingly high ROI (return on investment) for their marketing spend.

Heighten engagement

Facebook Ads deliver a heightened level of engagement, as they appear right on the personal Facebook pages of individuals in your target markets, reaching home buyers in a more social setting than ads encountered on search engine result pages. This placement can maximize your ads’ marketing reach through a kind of collaborative effect. Your prospects are already connected with their friends and family through their Facebook timeline, making it easy for them to share listings they like when they encounter them through your ads. Reinforcement of their choices by family, friends, and followers gives a marketing boost to Facebook ads by elevating them to the level of personalized recommendations from trusted sources.

Tightly target real estate clients

And lastly (and most importantly) Facebook Ads offer a unique benefit that sets them apart from other pay per click ads: they allow you to tightly target your ads to market your real estate agency in a way that has never been possible before now – you can even market to people who aren’t necessarily searching for what you are offering, but based on their interests, will be able to see your ad. You can choose from a variety of Facebook real estate ad targeting options that include users who identify as “likely to move” “new mover” “recent homebuyer” “recent mortgage borrower”, etc. You can combine these terms with other identifiers that Facebook allows you to incorporate into the targeting process, such as gender, geo-location, certain incomes, school attended,  etc. – the list is virtually endless! As a result, real estate Facebook Ads present powerful, unique targeting opportunities that realtors just can’t get anywhere else.

Achieving real estate marketing success using Facebook Ads is a bit more complex than managing your Google AdWords campaigns.  Because these ads appear on a social network, there are a number of variables that have to be successful navigated or viewers will dis-engage and ignore your ads, miffed that you muffed the social aspect. Unlike with Google AdWords and other PPC ads, Facebook Ads need to have visual appeal as well as effective copy.  And although the social site tries to walk you through the advertising process, it takes some practice learning how to effectively use Facebook’s targeting system to the greatest effect.

Not a Facebook Ad expert? We can help

Don’t worry – you don’t have to put your real estate chores on hold while you learn how to master Facebook Ads. The marketers at For Sale Marketing can teach you everything you need to know to put Facebook advertising to work building your real estate agency. We ‘ll show you how to design, target, and enact successful real estate Facebook advertising campaigns, so you can reach prospects even when they are not actively searching for properties or listings.

We’ll teach you how to become a real Facebook Ad expert –

Individual agents can take advantage of For Sale Marketing’s one-on-one, private tutorial sessions where an expert marketer can teach you how to run effective Facebook Advertising campaigns. Brokers can increase the effectiveness of their entire agency through one of our whole office classes, where our experienced marketers will educate all your agents on how to use Facebook Ads to generate more real estate leads.

Or handle all your Facebook advertising chores ourselves

If you decide that you don’t want to spend your and your agents’ valuable time trying to master Facebook advertising strategies, For Sale Marketing has your back.  You stay focused on taking leads through the home buying and selling process – we’ll take care of generating those leads through effective real estate Facebook advertising campaigns.

When you turn your Facebook marketing strategy over to us, you’ll quickly discover what it means to have the resources of a full service real estate marketing agency powering your Facebook Ads. You’ll have our experienced marketers carefully assessing your marketing goals for every ad so they can configure the targeting parameters that will best achieve those goals. Our talented graphic designers will put their marketing know-how to work designing visually attractive ads while skilled real estate copywriters create compelling copy to ensure your Facebook Ads generate clicks. Our PPC strategists will work with your budget, selecting the right pricing method, schedules, and bids to generate the best ROI for your marketing spend.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what For Sale Marketing can help you achieve through Facebook Ads. Call today to discuss how our expert Facebook marketers can employ the full range of Facebook advertising marketing strategies, including Facebook remarketing and much more to help your real estate agency become the top performer you know it can be.