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Real Estate Email Marketing

real estate email marketingEmail marketing has an established track record as one of the most effective real estate marketing strategies, due to its unmatched ability to keep real estate clients engaged with realtors long after the sale. The ability of real estate email marketing to nurture long-term personal relationships is critical to your ongoing success as an agent, because personal referrals and past experience remain the top reasons that home buyers and sellers choose their real estate agent. And unlike some other real estate marketing strategies, email marketing’s effectiveness can be clearly measured and documented.

According to Constant Contact’s Knowledge Base, real estate email marketing efforts resulted in an average opening rate of 25.37 percent and a click-through rate of 6.33 percent in June of 2015. That’s pretty impressive, especially once you factor in the incredible ROI (return on investment) of email marketing – $44 for every $1 spent, as reported in IBM’s 2015 Email Marketing Metrics Benchmark Study. With returns like these, starting an email marketing newsletter should be at the top of every real estate professional’s marketing goals for this year. For Sale Marketing can help you with every step of your real estate email marketing strategy, from growing and segmenting a list of subscribers, to designing attractive emails with proven click-through appeal, tracking your responses and ROI, and more.

Count on For Sale Marketing for highly effective email marketing strategies

For Sale Marketing’s email marketing specialists are experienced at designing compelling, highly effective email marketing strategies for real estate agents and agencies. Every detail is crafted to maximize your response rate, and our marketing support begins a long time before any emails are actually sent.

Growing your list of email subscribers

We’ll begin by helping you find subscribers for your email list through your real estate website. For Sale Marketing‘s content marketing department can create some interesting e-books, printable checklists, and other content for you to use as gated content to gain subscribers. We’ll design a short opt-in form for email subscribers and insert it in appropriate pages throughout your website, then work with you to find the best placement to produce the greatest response rate.

Segmenting your real estate email subscriber list

Segmenting your email marketing list allows you to fine-tune the content in your newsletters so they appeal to your real estate customers’ specific needs. One offer does not fit all – sending information on beach front condos is a great way to engage retired couples but it isn’t going to make a parent of four children stay a subscriber.  For Sale Marketing can help you create buyer personas and accurately segment your subscriber list, so you can send out emails that specifically target each segment’s interests.

Visually appealing graphic design

For Sale Marketing creates attractive email marketing materials, that reflect your real estate agency’s image while building your personal brand. You get a custom email design that incorporates your company’s logo, colors, and fonts, as well as your personal branding image, slogan, etc. To complete the package, we finish your design with a professional email signature that displays all methods of contacting you, including social media information and sharing buttons. To make your emails a visual treat, we can include some gorgeous shots of your featured listings or neighborhoods.

Responsive design that performs perfectly

Research by Moveable Ink found that 66% of emails are opened on a phone or tablet, and mobile traffic to websites accounts for almost 30% of visits. You cannot miss out on capturing the attention of these on-the-go home buyers and sellers – they account for more than half of your prospective clients! The email newsletters that For Sale Marketing creates for real estate professionals all feature responsive design, so they perform flawlessly on all devices and screen sizes.

Compelling subject lines grab attention from the start

The subject line is the “Do or die” stage of your email, so we make it count! A generic subject or soft sell like “Some great properties in your area” is not going to get customers to open your email, so we start things off with a bang with a short, compelling subject line that uses currently trending terms to promise valuable information.

Content that intrigues

To make your email newsletter an eagerly awaited event, our content marketers will fill it with relevant information related to the real estate issues that your subscribers are facing. We are adept at choosing topics that appeal to your real estate clients and encourage them to open and read your emails, such as market statistics, home buyer/seller tips, moving tips, FAQs, mortgage information, and more. We include sharing buttons on all your emails, so your subscribers can pass the most interesting ones on to their friends with similar real estate interests, growing your real estate marketing lists even more.

Calls to action that convert

In order to engage your subscribers, For Sale Marketing includes dynamic call to actions on every email newsletter. These calls to action encourage your subscribers to perform a variety of actions, ranging from checking out the latest blog post on your real estate website to viewing your showcase properties – the important thing is to engage recipients’ interest and get them interacting with your real estate agency. We include your call to action in various forms throughout your email, finishing up with a definitive statement to keep your readers motivated!

Tracking and analysis

For Sale Marketing helps you keep strict control over your real estate email marketing strategies, monitoring their effectiveness and making adjustments as necessary. We provide you with access to critical information, such as the open rate, amount of time recipients spent reading your email, the click-through rate, and other email engagement metrics, so you can accurately judge the ROI of your email marketing campaigns.

You can count on For Sale Marketing for all your real estate email marketing needs. We offer a full range of professional email marketing services for real estate professionals that include creative and graphic design services, list management, content creation services, email deliverability tracking, and more.