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Digital Real Estate Marketing 101

digital real estate marketingLearn how to use digital real estate marketing strategies to generate more leads

Whether you are a new real estate agent or simply interested in generating more leads, learning about the top digital real estate marketing strategies is the first step to real estate success. 95% of home buyers turn to an online website during their property search (according to the latest research from NAR). That means that learning how to use digital real estate marketing strategies is not just important for real estate agents, it is essential. At For Sale Marketing, we’ve put together a fast digital real estate marketing primer to get you caught up on all the information you need to know in a hurry.

Responsive design

Responsive website design provides the ideal base for all of your digital real estate marketing campaigns. Almost all home buyers now use their smartphone, tablet, or other mobile device at some time during the home search process. Real estate websites that feature responsive design automatically adjust to provide flawless performance on every screen, with easy navigation elements and sizing so no elements. Home buyers will stay on your website site longer when navigation and other elements work correctly.


Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the process of adjusting your website to increase the amount of organic traffic it receives from Google and the other search engines. The main components of SEO include the following:

  • Well-targeted real estate keywords, particularly local and hyperlocal terms that relate to neighborhoods, appropriately inserted in the text and key spots on your webpages (i.e. titles, alt tags, meta description)
  • Links to reputable, related sites
  • Fresh, quality content added on a regular basis

Content marketing

Content marketing, in the form of a real estate blog and videos, is perhaps the most powerful digital real estate marketing strategy available. SEO-friendly blogs and videos help drive traffic to your website, build your brand, improve name recognition, and establish you as the “go-to” realtor when clients need information on local properties.

SEM – Advertising via Google

Search engine marketing, also known as SEM or PPC advertising via Google, is the process of using pay per click ads such as Google or Bing Ads for real estate. PPC ads can provide realtors with a big visibility boost as they drive qualified leads to your real estate website. PPC real estate digital marketing campaigns are easy to enact and highly affordable. You only pay when home buyers click on your ads, and you can set the exact amount you want to spend. PPC ads should be paired  with dynamic landing pages for the best results.

Social Marketing

Social media marketing plays a key role in real estate digital marketing strategies, because it helps realtors keep clients engaged throughout the lengthy home buying process. Connecting through Facebook, Twitter, and other social media can help realtors develop personal relationships with their clients without seeming pushy or intrusive. If you engage with clients several times daily through social marketing, with interesting posts that engage clients’ interest, you will develop the long-lasting relationships that fuel referrals.

Paid Social Marketing

Real estate agents and brokers can enact highly successful campaigns using social paid advertising on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest,  and other social networks, at a very low cost. This digital real estate marketing strategy  Paid social ads offer in-depth targeting options that enable you to run highly precise  real estate digital marketing campaigns that target the exact clients who will be interested in the properties you are selling.

Email marketing

Email is a powerful, cost-effective digital marketing strategy that helps realtors accomplish several key goals without a significant marketing spend. Sending out a monthly, targeted email newsletter that includes a strong CTA and a powerful headline, gives you a way to showcase your latest properties and maintain relationships with past clients, without being annoying.

Real estate digital marketing services

No primer on digital real estate marketing would be complete without mention of the agencies that provide real estate digital marketing services. Successful real estate agents and brokers often have a full schedule showing properties and meeting with their clients. New agents also have so many demands on their time that they may not be able to make the necessary investment of effort to ensure their marketing efforts succeed.

If you fall into these categories, hiring an agency that specializes in providing real estate digital marketing services may be your best option. If you would like to concentrate on building your real estate business, For Sale Marketing is here to help. We’re a full service digital real estate marketing agency, dedicated to helping real estate agents and brokers succeed. Our team can provide you with everything you need to help your real estate business grow, including dynamite real estate branding packages, responsive real estate website design, SEO-friendly content creation services, real estate social marketing packages and more.

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