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The 2018 Real Estate Marketing Checklist

2018 real estate marketing checklistAre you ready for the marketing challenges of the New Year? Use this handy 2018 real estate marketing checklist to make sure!

It’s that time of year again- time to update your real estate marketing plan for the New Year! As an independent realtor, you need to generate as many qualified leads as possible. The real estate market becomes more competitive every year, and you need to have solid marketing plan in place if you want to achieve your sales goals. The most successful real estate agents approach marketing methodically, making sure they take advantage of every opportunity to build their brand and gain leads.  To get your marketing off to a bright start in the New Year, use this 2018 real estate marketing checklist to make sure you have every strategy covered.

Branded real estate website

The path to real estate marketing success starts with your personal branded real estate website. If your brokerage offers you one of their “free” websites, remember that those sites do nothing to build the strong personal brand you need to be competitive. To keep up with the latest Google updates, your real estate website should have the following features in 2018:

  • Mobile-friendly, responsive design
  • Solid branding features: logo, photo, and message prominently displayed
  • Fully integrated IDX solution
  • Dynamic lead generating forms

SEO marketing

The majority of homebuyers start their purchase journey by searching online. With Zillow, Trulia, and the other real estate directories claiming the top spots in real estate related searches, local SEO strategies will be the best way for independent realtors to achieve the high search visibility needed to reach clients in 2018. When you perform a website audit to make sure your search engine optimization strategies are ready for the New Year, target the following elements:

  • Local and hyperlocal keywords focused on individual neighborhoods and communities
  • On-page SEO, especially navigation and links
  • Long-tail phrases used with voice search
  • SEO of your content, social, and email marketing

Content marketing

When it comes to developing an effective real estate marketing plan 2018 lead generation strategies will require well-written, engaging content. Creating and publishing content that answers key questions about real estate matters will build your brand, give your website a higher search visibility, and develop client trust in your industry knowledge and expertise. Your content marketing strategy should include:

  • Real estate blog
  • Local information: schools, neighborhood happenings, etc.
  • Videos on local properties and area happenings
  • How to lists, checklists, market information

Social marketing

As you know, one of the biggest challenges you face as a realtor is keeping clients engaged during the entire home buying process. Social marketing extends your marketing reach, while helping you to develop the long-lasting, personal relationships that drive referrals.  As you develop your real estate marketing plan for 2018, make sure your social marketing strategies include:

  • Presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
  • Other social strategies used by your target demographic
  • Develop a daily posting schedule
  • Social media management program to post throughout the day

Search (PPC) marketing

Any 2018 digital marketing plan for real estate agents should include PPC marketing. This marketing strategy provides a fast, easy, and affordable way for realtors to maximize lead generation. Pay per click ads help boost your visibility in search engines as they drive qualified traffic to your real estate website. To ensure your PPC strategies are ready for 2018, you should:

  • Target several search engines including Google, Bing, and Yahoo
  • Include social PPC ads, especially Facebook and Twitter Ads
  • Pair your ads with custom-created dynamic landing pages
  • Use remarketing and tracking to gain the best ROI

Email marketing

Every 2018 real estate marketing checklist should include email marketing. Email gives you an engaging, non-intrusive way to keep in touch with past clients until they are ready for their next home purchase. In order to gain the most marketing benefit from your email marketing strategy, check that your emails meet these key points:

  • Mobile-optimized for easy viewing
  • Segment according to demographics, etc.
  • Use engaging headlines and strong CTAs
  • Link emails to dedicated landing pages

If this 2018 real estate marketing checklist leaves you feeling a little overwhelmed, you can turn to For Sale Marketing for help. We are a dedicated real estate marketing agency in Fort Lauderdale, committed to helping real estate agents and brokers succeed. Our marketing team can supply you with everything your agency needs to meet the marketing challenges of 2018, including a branded mobile-friendly website, monthly social media marketing packages, content creation services, and more.

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