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9 Social Media Tips for Realtors

How to create winning real estate social media campaigns Are your social media marketing campaigns falling short? Realtors are often surprised when their social media marketing campaigns don’t generate the results they were hoping to achieve. It seems like such a natural fit, after all – we all use social media daily in our personal…

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Introducing: Dynamic Real Estate Ads on Facebook

Looking for an alternative to Zillow? Facebook’s Dynamic Ads for Real Estate may be the answer. Facebook has introduced Dynamic Ads for Real Estate, and realtors may finally have a viable alternative to Zillow. Facebook’s dynamic real estate ads rely on the same remarketing technology that the social media network uses in its Dynamic Ads…

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Top Social Media Practices for Realtors

As a skilled real estate agent, you are always seeking ways to build and grow your business and relationships with those around you. One effective way of doing this is by taking full advantage of social media for real estate agents. You may be thinking social media is easy, but in reality, there is a…

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Social Media for Real Estate Agents

As an astute real estate agent who uses the Internet, you are probably already familiar with social media. So you don’t need information on how to use social media, you need to know how to use social media to build your real estate business. You need to know how to leverage social media to attract…

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