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Introducing: Dynamic Real Estate Ads on Facebook

Real Estate Ads on FacebookLooking for an alternative to Zillow? Facebook’s Dynamic Ads for Real Estate may be the answer.

Facebook has introduced Dynamic Ads for Real Estate, and realtors may finally have a viable alternative to Zillow. Facebook’s dynamic real estate ads rely on the same remarketing technology that the social media network uses in its Dynamic Ads for Retail and for Travel. Using technology that is similar to Amazon, realtors can display user-specific ads retargeting people as they browse through Facebook or Instagram. And with Facebook now topping two billion active users every month, dynamic real estate ads on Facebook could be a highly valuable tool for real estate brokerages that fit the ideal advertiser profile of at least 100 property listings.

How Facebook Dynamic Real Estate Ads work

Facebook uses remarketing technology that follows users of a real estate website as they travel on the web. It gathers users’ preferences as they search the real estate listings, such as particular neighborhoods and property parameters. It then displays the listings that meet those parameters in Facebook and Instagram feeds of people who have viewed similar listings on the real estate website or mobile app.

The technology is designed to make the process as painless as possible, and it should be able to link to a real estate agent’s website and automatically pull the property listings and convert them into ads. Facebook’s directions on how to use its dynamic ads for real estate advises that the ad feature will work the best for brokerages that have a minimum of 100 property listings on their website.

Could Facebook deliver the best real estate ads on the web?

Facebook’s dynamic real estate ads may prove to be the best real estate ads on the internet, thanks to its use of advanced tracking tools. The social network’s real estate ads go beyond simple retargeting, leveraging the wealth of information that is collected by Facebook’s tracking tools to deliver ads that will show the exact features users are interested in.

Realtors can factor in details such as the particular community or neighborhood a person is interested in, as well as home features, price range, and more as they create audiences. For example, real estate agents could set their dynamic real estate ad parameters to create an audience of people who searched for a 3 bedroom 2 bath home in a particular price range in a specific neighborhood.

It’s too soon to tell for sure, but there is speculation that by allowing realtors to target their ads so tightly, Facebook may be creating ads that have an enhanced ability to reach qualified customers. This could drastically increase realtors’ ROI for these real estate ads.

Should Facebook dynamic real estate ads be part of your real estate online marketing strategy?

While the question of whether Facebook dynamic ads for real estate are the best real estate ads on the web is up in the air, there’s no doubt that they can be a valuable part of your real estate online marketing strategy. Since Facebook recommends its dynamic real estate ads for advertisers that have a minimum of 100 property listings, dynamic ads may be beyond the reach of new realtors and smaller independent agents. This ad feature could definitely play a valuable part of the real estate online marketing strategy of larger brokerages with sufficient listings.

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