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How Social Media Marketing for Real Estate Agents Can Lead to More Closings

Close On More Properties with Social Media Marketing for Real Estate Agents

Social Media Marketing for Real Estate Agents Having trouble selling that absolute 3/2 corner lot gem that’s priced $10,000 below market?  It should be an easy sale, so why aren’t you getting buyers to call you begging for a showing?  Your resume is impressive.  You’ve been a realtor in the area for 6 years and know all the nooks and crannies around.  Maybe while you have the credentials, you don’t have the connectivity with potential buyers.  It might be time to interface that charming personality you know you have face-to-face.  Time to boost your presence on social media. Social media marketing for real estate agents can be so effective, and here is why.

Social Media Marketing For Real Estate Agents:

A business card is nice, no doubt.  Your profile on the real estate company’s website is great as well.  They both say you’re professional.  But in today’s world of Facebook, Twitter,  Google+, LinkedIn, and more, social media marketing for real estate agents can make or break you being the one to close on a house.  Get on those sites, and put yourself out there.  A key to utilizing social media marketing is to post high-quality, relevant content.  Remember, over a billion people use Facebook, 400 million are on Twitter, and LinkedIn has 200 million users.  That’s a whole lot of sales just waiting for you.

Showcase Your Personality, As Well As Your Properties:

 You rock when you show a house to potential buyers.  You know your stuff.  You ask them personal questions about the importance of schools and whether a pool is an important feature to their purchasing decisions.  They learn about you, and your background.  You tell them about your kids and what you did prior to obtaining your real estate license.  Do the same thing on social media.  Tell them a joke.  Imagine the enjoyment a viewer would get if you posted, “Why didn’t the new realtor sell that beachfront property?  Because he was still wet behind the ears.”  Yeah, it’s corny, but it opens you up to authenticity and being genuine.

Real Estate Social Media Tips:

 Impress viewers who come to your social media page(s).  Incorporate some of these real estate social media tips:

  • Show pictures off the deck of a property with the sunset dipping into the ocean, as well as some of the best properties you have listed
  • Upload videos of a neighborhood or the lush amounts of shopping in the area.
  • Throw testimonials on your site, be it in text, or better yet, video of a happy couple who just bought their dream home for $7,500 below asking price.
  • Post useful home buying tips and trends so clients can know what to expect.
  • Engage, ask questions, and give them a reason to interact.
  • Make sure all your content is mobile-friendly. Remember, people might be out in a certain location they’re interested in, and will be searching your social media pages from their phones.

Improve Social Media Marketing:

As well as the topics already briefly covered, there are other ways in which to improve social media marketing.  You may be out showing buyers six houses in one day, and time can slip away from you.  But do your best to spend 30 minutes daily posting to your social sites.  There are applications that can enable you to automate and schedule when your posts go out, so you’re not bombarding viewers with seven posts in a 30-minute window.  Don’t just tell people to like you on Facebook or follow you on Twitter.  Give them a reason to make that mouse click to your social media site.  People want to know what’s in it for them.  They’ll question what the benefit is, and you need to provide them with one.  And don’t give them a visual that you’re the realtor in the yellow blazer standing stoically by the lockbox.  Be the buyer’s neighbor.  Do so by engaging, asking questions, and answering them as well.  You’re good in person, so if writing seems difficult, simply say what you want to write out loud, and then write what you said.  It might just be the effective tool to snagging that 6% commission.

If you’re looking for help in this area, don’t hesitate to reach out to For Sale Marketing at (954) 866-1110.  They can assist you with anything you need to know to improve your social media strategy.