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Social Media for Real Estate Agents

Social Media for Real Estate AgentsAs an astute real estate agent who uses the Internet, you are probably already familiar with social media. So you don’t need information on how to use social media, you need to know how to use social media to build your real estate business. You need to know how to leverage social media to attract more home buyers and sellers, keep your current real estate clients engaged, and most importantly, how to generate real estate leads online. The key to using social media for real estate agents is to post interesting, relevant, high-quality content that will engage real estate clients in your area and keep them checking back for more.  Use the following tips to turn the marketing might of social media into a valuable tool for your real estate business:

Facebook Tips for Real Estate Agents
Always remember the “social” part of social media and aim for engagement on your real estate Facebook page rather than trying to overtly sell yourself or your properties. Optimize your page for mobile, include your location and hours, and incorporate pictures and videos in your posts such as the sunsets from decks and beach views from your properties, along with shots of your listings’ best features. Post links to useful home marketing tips and related content, and incorporate quizzes, videos, survey questions, and other interactive marketing strategies for real estate to generate the greatest response.

Twitter Tips for Real Estate Agents
Try to tweet 6-8 times per day. You can set up a schedule of tweets timed to post throughout the day, but keep an eye open for the chance to utilize Twitter’s “microblogging” format to add real time real estate posts of relevance. Anything related to real estate that will interest your followers is eligible to be tweeted: marketing stats, links to short URLs on mortgage information, housing trends, etc. Post a mix of your own valuable content and retweets of relevant content from other sources, using videos, photos, and hashtags to heighten engagement with real estate clients in your community.

Google+ Tips for Real Estate Agents
Google+ offers a variety of ways to build the contacts that turn into valuable real estate leads. Categorize your followers into interest groups such as new home buyers, sellers, DIY-ers interested in older homes and renovations, etc. using Circles, then share information targeted for each group’s interests. Google+ Hangouts are a great way to interact with your followers; you can use the real-time video chat rooms to discuss real estate marketing tips, home improvement DIY projects, and other real estate related issues. Stream your meeting to your YouTube real estate channel using Hangouts on Air to maximize your marketing impact.

Social Media Ads for Real Estate Agents
Social media has turned into a “pay-to-play” arena where the most effective real estate marketers are the ones who invest in paid advertisements. Invest in Promoted Posts and Sponsored Stories with Facebook Ads, carefully targeting your ads by interests, age, gender, and location. Place Twitter Ads using localized real estate keywords such as “Fort Lauderdale homes” and schedule them to run at several specific times during the day to attract the most interest.

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