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How to Spend Your Real Estate Ad Dollars

How to Spend Your Real Estate Ad DollarsWith the explosive growth of the Internet, real estate agents now have a wide variety of marketing options available to grow their business. There are so many real estate advertising possibilities at your fingertips, in fact, that you may be tempted to employ too many promotions at once. This can leave you with a marketing message that is diluted and a host of ineffective campaigns that are only partially funded. Instead of stretching your ad budget too thin, choose just a few of the most effective advertising strategies and focus all your efforts on them. To help you decide how to spend your real estate ad dollars, we’ve identified the real estate internet marketing strategies that deliver the greatest ROI:

  • A Mobile-Friendly, Responsive Real Estate Website Design
    Many brokerages offer their agents a free personalized web page attached to the company’s website, but these pages will do little to build your brand or bring in clients. With the vast majority of home buyers now searching online during their home buying process, the smart bet is to invest your real estate ad dollars in a mobile-friendly real estate website that features seamless IDX integration, lead-generating web forms, and an engaging blog. Correctly apply real estate SEO strategies to raise your website’s ranking on search results, and your website will serve as the heart of your online real estate marketing strategy, bringing in visitors and converting them into qualified leads.
  • Real Estate Search Marketing/PPC Ads
    Search marketing or PPC (pay per click) ads are a smart investment for real estate professionals, especially those with limited marketing budgets. Using Google AdWords for real estate pay per click campaigns is an affordable option for all realtors, because you can choose the exact amount you want to spend by setting spend limits on a per day or per campaign basis. With three types of campaigns and a host of customization options, Google AdWords makes it easy to target a specific audience. You can invest solely in Google AdWords for your PPC ad campaign or you can maximize your marketing reach by purchasing ads on Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines as well. Team your campaigns with appealing landing pages for the greatest effect.
  • Real Estate Social Media Strategies
    Social media has opened up new avenues of marketing to real estate agents that are extremely affordable. Changes to Facebook and Twitter have all but eliminated organic results on the platforms, but you can reach a wide audience using paid placement. Facebook Ads are some of the easiest and most effective real estate social media strategies you can run, allowing you to target viewers in specific areas using their area code or city/location name. Facebook’s Sponsored Stories allow you to position your posts so they get the widest attention, and Twitter Ads give you an extensive marketing reach for a surprisingly affordable price.
  • Professional Videos and Photos of Your Real Estate Listings
    Consider reserving some of your advertising funds to pay for professional video and photography services for your top listings – the extra polish and professionalism will identify you as a top realtor for owners looking to sell their more exclusive properties. Look for a full service internet marketing firm that offers professional video services; they can provide you with script and creative services, video storyboarding, and professional video production, as well as expert SEO services so your property videos will improve your website’s position on search results. You can then use those videos to create a dedicated YouTube channel that brings the lifestyle awaiting purchasers of your top properties to gorgeous life.

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