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How to Build an Awesome Real Estate Email Marketing List

How to Build an Awesome Real Estate Email Marketing ListDevelop a full list of interested subscribers! As an experienced real estate marketer, you know just how effective email newsletters can be at building your business. You’re ready to put them to use promoting your real estate agency, but first you have to build your email marketing list. There are a whole host of strategies you can use to develop your contacts and gain subscribers for your real estate newsletter; we’ve assembled our favorites here.  Try several or all of our top real estate email marketing list tips at once so you can get your newsletter campaign up and running quickly!

Use Social Media
The sharing nature of social media makes it a great way to gain subscribers for your real estate email newsletter. Try to collect subscribers from each of the social sites your agency has a presence on by including links to gated content:

  • LinkedIn – connect offers to your Company Page, and look for opportunities to include them in the group discussions and hangouts in which you participate.
  • Pinterest – link offers to the images you pin on your boards. The effectiveness of this strategy depends on the quality of your pins; investing the time to find stunning property and amenity images will definitely make a difference.
  • Facebook – link offers to a call-to-action button on the top of your real estate agency’s Facebook page. You can also post offers on your Timeline.
  • YouTube – Embed calls-to-action and URLs in the videos you post on your YouTube channel that link to gated content. You can also include links in the text descriptions of your videos that connect to

Use Content Marketing
Your in-depth knowledge of the real estate market is a valuable resource that real estate buyers and sellers are eager to acquire. You know the info, now pass it on! You can easily generate real estate leads online by authoring gated content that visitors have to give their email address in order to download. Create several types of content to discover which works best for you. The most popular types of real estate downloads include:

  • Guides
    How to guides are always popular with real estate clients. They can range from “ultimate guides” which offer detailed, in-depth information to “pocket guides” which are shorter and more concise. Topics can run the gamut of real estate issues, from marketing advice (How to Market Your Home), to mortgage information (How to Obtain the Best Mortgage Rate), House Hunting tips (How to Find your Dream House) and more.
  • Checklists
    Clients eat these up! Use clear headers and brief copy to create checklists that cover a wide variety of real estate topics: packing and moving, staging, what buyer documents to assemble, open house prep,… the possibilities are virtually endless.
  • Interactive Tools
    Interactive real estate tools can take a bit more time to develop than other forms of content marketing, but they are always popular with clients. Items like mortgage and square foot calculators, office space configuration tools, etc. will generate a lot of email addresses for your newsletter list.

Use your Real Estate Website
Just as your real estate website is the heart of your agency’s online presence, it can be the center of your email newsletter list building campaign.

  • Website Pages
    Greet visitors with an offer to subscribe to your website when they first access your site, and sprinkle offers that capture email signups on various pages throughout your site.
  • Your Real Estate Blog
    Your real estate blog provides guests with valuable information that will encourage them to sign up for your newsletter. Include an invitation to join your email newsletter on the main page of your blog. You can also include calls-to-action for subscriptions as appropriate for more in-depth information on topics covered in your blogs.

These are some of the easier examples of how to build an awesome real estate email marketing list. For more advanced tactics along with complete email newsletter marketing support for your real estate agency, turn to the marketing team at For Sale Marketing. We can supply you with full marketing support for your efforts including responsive real estate website design, professional email newsletter creation services, marketing analytics, and more.

Contact us at For Sale Marketing today at 954-779-2801 for more email newsletter list building tips along with comprehensive marketing support to ensure your real estate agency’s success!