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5 Best Link Building Ideas for Real Estate Agents

5 Best Link Building Ideas for Real Estate AgentsHow to build high-quality real estate links that Google will love

With Google favoring the large real estate directory sites in search results, real estate agents need to build high quality links in order to maintain a strong search presence. Link building is one of the most effective real estate SEO strategies; unfortunately, it is also one of the most difficult to master. In the past, real estate agents could simply buy links or participate in massive link exchanges to build their online presence. Since this allowed websites to gain the top spots in search results regardless of the quality of their content, Google changed its algorithm and those tactics are now penalized. Realtors today need to adopt a different approach so they can build links naturally and organically. A solid content based marketing strategy is the solution: the best link building ideas for real estate agents now are the ones that involve delivering valuable information that users will want to link to and share. Here are our 5 favorite link building ideas to get you started:

  1. Leverage your real estate blog
    A keyword-rich real estate blog is your most valuable tool for building quality real estate links. Include three or four keywords in the body of your blog that link to pages in your website, and then get your blog into the hands of readers who will share and link to your content. Use all available channels to gain the widest exposure for your blog:
  • Post your blog on reddit and StumbleUpon
  • Send out emails with links to your most recent real estate blogs
  • Promote your blogs on social media
  1. Partner with local real estate-related businesses
    One of the reasons that Google considers links when assigning positions on search results is that it is looking for sources with high domain authority. Companies or individuals are considered to have high domain authority when other companies in the same vertical consider them a reliable source of information. Reach out to real estate related businesses that have good reputation such as lenders, mortgage companies, property managers, etc. to find out what information they want to share with their clients, and direct them to your blogs and pages that provide exactly what they are looking for. Link to content on their site that will be useful for your visitors; exchanging links with these qualified businesses will help to build your domain authority while making your site a more valuable information resource.
  2. Become the best source for information on local events
    Creating a mini-website packed with information about a specific neighborhood is not only one of the most effective local real estate marketing strategies, it also provides some great opportunities for high-quality links. Create an event calendar that includes a variety of local real estate related activities such as free seminars, business real estate buying classes, seminars from mortgage lenders, etc. Send the calendar’s link to these businesses and invite them to share with their followers. You can also include information about general interest upcoming events in the neighborhood, such as local programs, attractions, and community happenings, to gain a wider following among locals.
  3. Concentrate on real estate social marketing strategies
    Focus on your social sharing sites, as they present the ideal opportunity to engage with interested visitors and entice them into linking to your content. You can gain the natural links that Google prefers, as webmasters find your content valuable and link their sites to it so they can share it with their visitors. Establish a vibrant presence on several popular social sharing platforms, using a wide diversity of content to engage visitors. We suggest you begin with these four:
  • Facebook and Twitter: Post teaser comments and pictures in your posts to generate interest in your blogs and website, and always include links. Be sure to incorporate videos and pictures for the widest reach.
  • Google+: Create Circles of real estate buyers and sellers, and lead discussions on real estate topics of interest on Video Hangouts to build your domain authority. Include links in your profile to your blogs and webpages so discussion participants can easily link to your website.
  • YouTube: Create a real estate video library resource, sharing home staging, selling, and buying tips that visitors will want to link to
  1. Create and Use an HTML Email Signature
    An HTML email signature is a great way to give your followers the tools they need for sharing your content. It should contain all your pertinent information to make it easy for interested real estate clients to contact you and link to your content: your photo, company tagline, your website address, and of course, links to your website and social sharing pages.

Link building can be a time-consuming and involved process. If you would prefer to concentrate on your real estate duties, For Sale Marketing offers complete link building services for real estate professionals. We can handle every aspect of high quality real estate link building, from strategic link analysis, to content creation services, to advanced link building strategies that gain you the natural, organic links that Google loves.

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