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Best Inbound Marketing Strategies for Real Estate Professionals

How HubSpot can improve realtors’ inbound marketing strategies Inbound marketing strategies are a natural match for real estate professionals. With traditional outbound marketing strategies such as radio and print advertising, realtors have to purchase the attention of prospective customers, deliver a marketing message, and hope it works. With inbound marketing strategies, realtors earn the attention…

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How to Sell Real Estate Properties Using YouTube

YouTube Real Estate Marketing Tips Many realtors are finding video marketing on YouTube to be a highly effective way to market their  properties, yet it remains one of the most under-utilized online real estate marketing tools.  Now that Millennials are beginning to enter the housing market, YouTube marketing is poised to become one of the…

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5 Best Link Building Ideas for Real Estate Agents

How to build high-quality real estate links that Google will love With Google favoring the large real estate directory sites in search results, real estate agents need to build high quality links in order to maintain a strong search presence. Link building is one of the most effective real estate SEO strategies; unfortunately, it is…

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Tips for Successful Open House Marketing

Are your open houses getting the notice they deserve? You have your seller doing all the right things to interest buyers once they arrive: every inch of the property is spotless, rooms are uncluttered and tastefully arranged, and fresh cookies are scenting the air. Now all you have to do is get buyers to the…

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