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How to Sell Real Estate Properties Using YouTube

How to Sell Real Estate Properties Using YouTubeYouTube Real Estate Marketing Tips

Many realtors are finding video marketing on YouTube to be a highly effective way to market their  properties, yet it remains one of the most under-utilized online real estate marketing tools.  Now that Millennials are beginning to enter the housing market, YouTube marketing is poised to become one of the best ways to reach real estate customers. If you haven’t explored this powerful real estate marketing tool because you aren’t sure how to sell real estate properties using YouTube, we’ve got some real estate video tips that will have you marketing like a YouTube pro in no time.

Tip #1: Create a dedicated YouTube channel for all your real estate videos
Instead of a generic YouTube site, create a polished look with a dedicated YouTube channel personalized to reflect your real estate brand. Set  your YouTube channel apart by creating a unique background that incorporates your logo and custom colors that match your real estate website.

Tip #2: Turn your YouTube channel into a helpful real estate resource
Clients prefer to purchase properties from realtors they view as industry experts. Establish yourself as the go-to source for expert real estate information with a video library of helpful real estate tips and marketing materials.  You already have all the necessary knowledge to fill a YouTube channel with interesting and informative videos; all you need is to relax and let your personality shine through. Keep these videos to three minutes or less, and don’t hesitate to write out mini-scripts until you feel comfortable in front of the camera. Share your knowledge on a variety of real estate topics, including:

  • Seller tips – Staging tricks, present your home in the best light, etc.
  • Marketing advice
  • Buyer tips – How to purchase a home
  • Renovation tips
  • Foreclosures and Short Sales
  • Understanding Mortgages
  • How to find the right home to fit your needs

Tip #3: Use videos to evoke the neighborhood experience
Video has the power to convey the beauty and charm of a neighborhood with an immediacy that still photos, no matter how polished, simply cannot match. You can use YouTube videos to bring to life the experience home buyers will gain when they purchase a home in one of your neighborhoods. Provide a complete neighborhood video guide to each area with:

  • Neighborhood walk-throughs that showcase family-friendly features
  • Tours of local schools
  • “Best of” local restaurants, shops, etc.
  • Virtual tours of your featured listings

Tip #4: Apply Real Estate SEO strategies to your YouTube videos
Correctly applying SEO strategies to your YouTube real estate videos will gain you major search benefits, both on YouTube searches and Google searches. YouTube provides users with a full list of search optimization opportunities; utilize them all to gain the maximum marketing benefits:

  • Optimize your video title using real estate related keywords
  • Write a description of your video that includes your target keyword and related keyword phrases, at least 300 words so search engines have enough text to crawl
  • Include a clickable link to your website at the beginning of your description
  • Label your videos with relevant tags related to real estate

Tip #5: Promote your YouTube videos using online real estate marketing strategies
Once you have your real estate videos posted on YouTube, bring them to the attention of potential clients using your real estate blog and  real estate social marketing strategies. Create Facebook posts and Tweets that link to your videos, and make appropriate mentions of your videos in Google+ hangouts and LinkedIn forums.

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