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Real Estate SEO Strategy

Real Estate SEO Strategy: 5 steps to raise your real estate website´s profile

Real Estate SEO StrategyAs a real estate agent, you know just how important it is to have a highly visible online profile. Almost 90% of home buyers search online when making a real estate purchase, according to NAR and Google. Making sure your real estate website appears at the top of organic search results is one of our top marketing tips for realtors, because it gives you a great opportunity to sign some new clients. Most Internet users don’t look past the first few results of their online searches, though, so you need to do everything you can to ensure your real estate website is in one of the top three positions. The best way to do that is with a strong real estate SEO (search engine optimization) strategy. Optimizing your site is easier than you may realize – you can improve your website’s SEO strategy in just 5 simple steps. Put this real estate SEO strategy into effect and get ready to watch your website climb!

1.Discover the latest trending keywords

The keywords and phrases used to search for properties are constantly evolving, as different factors become more important in homebuyers’ minds. Perform keyword research and analysis to find the most popular real estate search terms each month. Remember, a majority of homebuyers use their smartphones and tablets to search for properties. You will need to check for the long-tail phrases used by mobile customers. Analyzing your competitors’ websites is a great way to make sure you haven’t overlooked any keywords or phrases that can improve your SEO strategy.

2.Update your website with the latest keywords and phrases

Once you have identified the latest trending keywords and mobile search phrases, go through your website page by page. Update the keywords on your real estate website, paying attention to page titles, Meta descriptions, and the alt tags on images and videos. Then insert the new keywords throughout the content on your pages.

3.Perform strategic backlink analysis

Backlinks are a key part of your real estate SEO strategy, because Google assesses your links when it assigns positions in search results. Check the links you already have on your pages to make sure they are still valid. Search for opportunities to create new links with reputable websites in industries linked to real estate.

4.Submit your website to search engines

All the webpages you updated on your real estate website need to be resubmitted to the major search engines. Make sure your pages are submitted to mobile search engines as well as the standard ones.

5.Perform a website diagnosis

Anytime you update your real estate website, there is a chance that links may be broken. Certain elements on your pages may not be performing correctly, and some of the images you uploaded may be sluggish or slow to load. Run Google Webmaster Tools or some other analytical program to catch any performance errors that have developed. A good analytics program will check your website for problems with:

  • links – navigation errors and out of date links
  • page structures – slow loading pages
  • mobile-friendliness – appearance and performance


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