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Why Writing a Real Estate Blog Can Help Your Business

Real Estate BlogYou’ve heard the advice in marketing seminars and read it in countless articles online: content marketing is the biggest thing in real estate marketing, and writing a real estate blog is the best way to put this online real estate marketing strategy to work for you. It seems like everyone is recommending that you write a real estate blog, but you’re not sure how it can help your business. You’re already working hard to attract new clients, and you don’t know if the benefits of blogging will justify the time commitment. Well, it’s time to stop wondering and start working! To help you realize what real estate blogging can do for you, we present the top five reasons why writing a real estate blog can help your business.

Reason #1: Real estate blogging gives you a way to add the latest SEO terms

Publishing a weekly or bi-weekly blog on your website gives you a convenient way to add the latest keywords and search terms to your website, without having to constantly adjust and republish the pages already on your site. You can incorporate local SEO terms and adjust your SEO strategies as needed to compete with the large aggregate sites such as Zillow and Trulia, and ensure your real estate website remains up to date with the latest trending terms and issues in real estate.

Reason #2: Real estate blogging gives you a competitive advantage

With so many real estate professionals striving to make their mark, writing a blog can give you a competitive advantage that can make all the difference. Whenever you write and publish a blog online, you provide a new gateway where clients can reach your website. By giving prospective clients more chances to discover all you can offer, you increase your ability to gain new clients and gain a competitive advantage over other realtors.

Reason #3: Real estate blogging helps establish you as an industry authority

Publishing a rich body of content on the latest real estate topics helps to establish the breadth of your knowledge about the real estate industry. Prospective home buyers and sellers will come to recognize you as an industry authority and return to your site for information, establishing you as their go-to source for everything to do with real estate. Blogging is a realtor marketing strategy that rewards you for years to come – when it’s time for these prospective clients to hire a real estate agent, whether it’s in a month or a year you’ll be first on their list.

Reason #4: Real estate blogging helps raise your position in online searches

Google’s algorithms are designed to find the most relevant, reputable answers to user queries.  Publishing blogs on your website creates a richer body of content for Google to index and helps to ensure that your site can provide relevant information for visitors’ searches. Since you’re able to include the latest keywords in your blogs, your site will be able to closely match the terms that clients are searching for, which raises your search rank. Plus, Google rewards websites that consistently add new and fresh content with a higher position in search results, making blogging a highly effective marketing strategy for real estate agents looking to gain a higher search rank.

Reason #5: Real estate blogging increases website traffic

You can publicize your real estate blogs through your social media marketing and email marketing strategies to gain a huge increase in website traffic. As more visitors come to your real estate website to read your blogs, you’ll be able to convert them into signed clients to give your real estate business a boost that will really help your bottom line!

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