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Tips for Successful Real Estate Email Marketing

Expert Insights for Successful Real Estate Email Marketing

Real Estate Email MarketingYou’ve built a client base, and you’ve gotten yourself out there. However, you aren’t amassing as many closings as you want. One key factor in sitting down at the closing table might be the need to ramp up your email marketing campaign. In this blog, we’ll examine a few ways to do that, as we present tips for successful real estate email marketing.

Marketing For Real Estate Agents:

Don’t think of marketing in this case as selling. Avoid that for now. Think of marketing for real estate agents as building relationships, not selling properties. Focus on some of these ways to go about “soft” marketing:

-Provide possible clients with some good information that will help them in the buying or selling process
-Give them trends in the industry
-Deliver them information about the area(s) they may be interested, like community events, school systems, and city statistics

The more you let them know you’re here to help, and not just a realtor looking for a commission– that will go a long way towards your credibility and trust.

Be Personable:

Nothing says, “I’m just a number” than a generic mass email meant for hundreds or thousands of people. Personalize each email with the recipient’s first name. It’s cordial, and lets them know you remember them. Stay personal by continuing to communicate with previous clientele. At some point, they’ll want to sell their property and buy again. You want the return business, obviously. And by keeping the lines of communication open gets you great word of mouth to their friends, family and co-workers, thus adding to your client base.

Email Marketing For Realtors:

Send out special offers. Who doesn’t like a freebie or at least some free valuable information?
Something as simple as a free home value consultation, home improvement tips, or current listings in the neighborhood make potential clients aware you’re in the know and ready to help when they need it. It’s a valuable commodity in the game of email marketing for real estate agents.

A Picture Is Worth…

A picture is worth a thousand words. Will in translate into a thousand sales? Not necessarily, but it will help. Among our tips for successful real estate email marketing is to show photos of some of your listings. Open the curtains, turn the lights on, brighten the mood and bring about interest in a potential buyer for a property you have listed.

Responsive Web Design:

Sixty-six percent of all emails are opened up on a cell phone or a tablet. 30% of website visits come via mobile traffic. Your site and emails must…cannot stress this enough…must be designed for all devices and screen sizes. No one wants to deal with a page they can’t read or see correctly. That’s an immediate turn off, and a competitor whose site is built for all devices will get that sale. Don’t let that happen.

Email marketing for realtors can come in many forms. The above are simply a few key ingredients into the meal of success. If you require anything in the way of more tips for successful real estate email marketing, ForSale Marketing is ready at the word GO. We have a team of specialists fully capable of aiding you on your path to more closings. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at (954) 866-1110.