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Pro Tips for Effective Email Marketing for Real Estate Brokers

Boost your sales with these simple and effective tips that use email marketing for real estate brokers

Email Marketing for Real Estate Brokers, real estate brokers use email marketing, email marketing for real estate brokerage, real estate broker email marketingCreating and implementing a successful email marketing campaign seems like a daunting task. Your clients or leads receive mountains of virtual junk mail, day in and day out, causing your emails to go unnoticed. Every time you hit the send button, it can feel like a shot in the dark. Email marketing for real estate brokers can be much more fruitful than you may imagine, if done properly. By implementing the below tips, your emails will be much more likely to get opened than ignored.

Monthly Newsletter for Real Estate Broker Email Marketing

Sending a monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly newsletter is still a highly useful way of grabbing and attaining the attention of your leads – if done correctly. Email marketing for real estate brokerage can really make a difference in the amount of converted leads. Examples of real estate email marketing campaigns include sending an exclusive VIP newsletter list in which you offer eye-catching incentives such as a 15% off coupon at a local retailer or helpful monthly tips for home owners. Just make sure you are offering useful, quality information and you are not bombarding your subscribers with too many emails, otherwise you may see a rise in unsubscribes.

Send out ‘Just Sold’ or ‘Just Listed’ email Newsletters

Real estate brokers use email marketing for a lot of reasons but one of the most successful (and useful) tactics is informing your past clients or leads of the real estate market in your area. This is a way of keeping your clientele motivated, whether their looking for a new home or know of someone that may. If a house just went on the market, send out an e-card with a quick blurb about the house, its location, and a picture to go along. You will be surprised how many leads are interested!

Graphic designs that stand out

Visually pleasing emails are what stand out among the crowd. You can build your personal brand with your logo, videos and pictures of your market, and much more when it comes to real estate broker email marketing. Purchasing real estate is a highly emotional transaction for your client – use the graphics in your email to show the home and surrounding area to create an emotional response from the client (and ultimately a desire to see your listing). For example, maybe your listings are in an area with a beach setting. Images of palm trees or lighthouses will offer more of an intimate and personal feel for your client.

Know your Leads

When it comes to successful email marketing for real estate brokers, there is no better way to get your sale than to get to know your clientele. When someone signs up to your newsletter, reach out to them by asking them a few personal questions, getting to know what they like and dislike. When you have a listing that falls in their category, send them a personalized note with a detailed description of that listing and how it may be great fit for them. When you take the time to send a personal note, it shows that you’re not just trying to sell them. Be sure to include pictures or video relevant to the listing!

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