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Top 6 “Ultimate” Online Real Estate Marketing Tips

Time-saving Tips for Innovative Online Real Estate Marketing

Innovative Online Real Estate MarketingYour online real estate marketing should be bringing new leads, rekindling old ones, and putting you in directly in front of your viewers.  It is important to build rapport with potential leads (and new and existing clients) through all of your online real estate marketing channels.  Below are a few of our best tips on beginning your online real estate marketing initiative.

Get Social with Online Real Estate Marketing

Social media makes a complete difference when it comes to build a reputation online. Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter offer users a quick inside look at what you have to offer, as well as an efficient way to interact with your leads. Social media offers online real estate marketing a jump-start in promoting your property and having it in the forefront of the viewer. We all now social media is important, but it is crucial you are putting out relevant, engaging information and not just posting for the sake of posting. Your viewers can distinguish between what is genuine and what is forced.

Online Real Estate Marketing and Your Image

Your online picture speaks a thousand words so make it one that the viewer can identify with. When it comes to eye-catching online real estate marketing tips and tools, use images that you have taken, not necessarily stock images. Viewers and potential clients are drawn to real images that they can identify with. They want to feel as though you are familiar with your surrounding and know precise locations. Use only high-quality and professional photos that show details of local landmarks and picturesque terrain to grab the viewers’ attention.

Virtual Reality within the Online Real Estate Marketing

Along with pictures that lend detail to your particular area, a virtual tour through the yard, inside each room of the home, and even a chat with the property owner will send a positive message to the viewer, allowing them to feel at ease with the next step in their search. Virtual tours are an excellent way to introduce yourself and how you run your online real estate marketing business.

Online Real Estate Marketing and Local Sponsorship Programs

Real estate marketing tips also include programs through local events, festivals, and school rallies that play an important role when it comes to organically building your business. Consider sponsorship programs with each event by signing up and creating business cards, t-shirts, and even apply to appear on a local website that involves the local programs. The organizations you partner with will then help spread awareness of your real estate business through their own online channels.

Mobile-Friendly Online Real Estate Marketing

Most individuals will quickly scroll through their phone to when searching for real estate online. You want to be the one that grabs their attention for more than 7 seconds, and in order to do so, you will need to have a mobile-friendly real estate website that will be easy for the viewer to navigate and find your contact information when they are ready to make the call.

Online Real Estate Marketing Starts and News-Worthy Updates

In addition to your online real estate marketing presence within you website, it is advised that you add a catchy newsletter to your system. Your website site should have information that allows the viewer to add their email for your newsletters. Whether weekly, daily or monthly, newsletters set the stage for what is happening within your business as well as who you are as a business professional. They will also help keep you in the front of your clients brains, so when they are ready to make their next real estate move, you will be the one they call.

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