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How to Gain More Real Estate Internet Leads

Want to gain more real estate leads? Check out these effective and conductive ways to turn curious views into steady leads.

Real Estate Internet LeadsSo, how do you generate real estate leads and land qualified buyer prospects? Sure, you can create a blog or two on a topic that may or may not grab the attention of a passerby. This is all well and good, but are you monitoring the increase in number of hits per blog? Have you had any inquiries on offers or services? Do you know where your page sits in the search engine? These next five tips will not only give you an understanding of the do’s and don’ts with real estate internet leads, but you will be at the top of your game, increasing your visibility.

SEO for Real Estate Leads

You might think you have all the correct words and catchy phrases to get your blog out there when in fact you could potentially be hurting it. SEO (or search engine optimization) is a way of using specific keywords that are organically seasoned throughout the body of your blog. These keywords boost your blog’s visibility to the search engine, increasing your rank in search results, thus generating a steady flow of real estate leads.

Web Design for Real Estate Internet Leads

You can’t create a webpage, stick irrelevant or poor quality pictures and an incomplete profile and call it your professional website. You need easy-to-read font, a complimenting color scheme, and your own personal style. In order to generate internet leads for real estate agents, you will also need a web design that pulls out your best features, highlights and displays them in a way that gets you successful leads. The best way to get the job done successfully and swiftly is to hire a professional in the web design business.

Email or Snail-mail when generating Real Estate Leads

Newsletters are an excellent way to grab the attention of your real estate lead, whether they think they need your service or not. There is a trick to sending the proper newsletter, though. In order to get them to sign up, give them an incentive, whether it’s a coupon for a free lunch or it’s a gift card to an event. People love a warm and inviting newsletter that makes them feel at home and comfortable enough to talk to you. Maybe you have old clients that wonder where you are and what you are up to. Tell them about it in a weekly or monthly newsletter, then offer an incentive to sign up with you or if they refer a friend.

Make it Easy for Real Estate Leads to Contact You

When giving your website a reboot, keep your contact information visible on every page and not just the Contact Us page. Subconsciously, this allows the lead to remember your name or where you’re from without them even realizing it. An ideal place for this contact information would be at the top right corner of every page so it’s easily visible to visitors.

Whether you need a savvy web design, or to learn an effective SEO approach, the For Sale Marketing team will put you in the front-line. They specialize in IDX Solution, Agent Web design, PPC strategies and more. Contact us here for more information on how to get started.