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Real Estate Marketing Strategies

Real Estate Marketing StrategiesHow to Grow your Real Estate Email Marketing List

5 simple steps to gain new subscribers

Real estate email marketing has established a track record as one of the most effective real estate marketing strategies for realtors to engage with their customers. According to Constant Contact’s Knowledge Base, real estate email marketing efforts resulted in an average opening rate of 25.37 percent and a click-through rate of 6.33 percent in June of 2015. That’s pretty impressive, especially once you factor in the incredible ROI of email marketing – $44 for every $1 spent, as reported in IBM’s 2015 Email Marketing Metrics Benchmark Study. With returns like these, learning how to grow your real estate email marketing list should be at the top of your marketing goals for this year. Fortunately, finding subscribers for your email marketing list is actually pretty easy once you know how – put the following real estate email marketing ideas into practice and see how fast your list can grow!

Add opt-in opportunities to your real estate website

The first place to look for new subscribers for your email list is your real estate website. Identify the pages of your website that contain information rather than home listings. This includes pages on neighborhood features, explanations of the real estate process, mortgage tips, and of course, your real estate blog.

Include an opt-in form on these pages to offer visitors the opportunity to receive more valuable information through your email newsletter. Opt-in forms can be presented in a feature or pop-up box, as a sidebar field, or at the end of your content. Experiment with one or two different placements at a time to see which garners the best response.

Use gated content to gain subscribers

Giving away gated content is a highly effective way to get visitors to sign up for your email marketing list. There are two ways to do this – you can require visitors to enter their email address to download content, or you can include a check box that automatically signs up visitors as they access your content.

Developing a library of real estate content may sound like a lot of work, but you already have a treasure trove of valuable real estate content at your fingertips. That real estate blog you’ve been writing? With a little bit of work and some creativity, you can repurpose your blogs to create a rich library of real estate content your visitors will be eager to download.

You can create ebooks by fleshing out some of your longer blogs or blending several of your posts on a similar real estate topic into a single narrative. With support from your graphics department, some of your statistic-heavy posts can be repurposed into infographics and informative help guides can be transformed into printable checklists. Infographics are one of many great realtor marketing ideas that will keep your email list engaged. Sit down with your phone’s video camera and turn some of your informational blogs into webinars.

Once you start, you’ll be able to quickly develop a significant body of real estate content.  In addition to building your email subscriber list, your large library of real estate content will aid your real estate online marketing strategies by establishing you as the go-to resource for real estate knowledge. Just remember to match your content with your offers for the best response.

Adjust your emails to keep subscribers engaged

The effort to build your email marketing list doesn’t stop once customers fill out an opt-in form, because your customers can choose to unsubscribe from your list at any time. In order for you to maintain an active real estate email marketing list, you will need to deliver attractive, relevant content your subscribers will look forward to each month, in a format they can easily access.

Optimize your emails for mobile

Research by Moveable Ink found that 66 percent of emails are opened on a smartphone or tablet. Unless you want to lose the interest of more than half of your recipients, your real estate email newsletters need to be optimized for mobile. Make sure your emails all pass the mobile-friendly test – they should be look and perform as flawlessly on every device, regardless of screen size.

Segment your real estate email subscriber list

Segmenting your email marketing list allows you to fine-tune the content in your newsletters so they appeal to your real estate customers’ specific needs. One offer does not fit all – sending information on beach front condos is a great way to engage retired couples but it isn’t going to make a parent of four children stay a subscriber.  Send out two or three different newsletters specifically targeting each segment’s interests to grow an engaged subscriber list.

Include sharing buttons on all your emails. That way your subscribers can pass the most interesting ones on to their friends with similar interest in real estate, growing your real estate marketing lists even more.

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