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How Realtors Can Build Their Brand

How Realtors Can Build Their Brand Building a distinctive brand as a realtor requires valuable content, a strong media presence, and interaction with your target market to convey an identity. A brand should be unique and memorable so that it will be instinctively be associated with you, the real estate professional, simply through face/brand recognition. 

  • Identifying the components that will formulate your brand. Before you can begin building your brand, you have some assessments to make. Consider who your core demographic is, so that you can focus your real estate marketing efforts in targeting this group specifically. Do you mainly assist professionals or investors with home sales and purchases, or do you work with families more regularly? Is your most common client of a particular age range? Once you narrow down who you will market to, consider what local areas are the most desirable, as well as the most profitable for you to target, and then determine which neighborhoods you possess the most knowledge about.  Use this information to identify the local markets in which you want to build your brand, and focus your real estate marketing efforts there.

Real Estate Branding: Part of creating your brand should include conveying yourself as a leading, local expert in your industry.

To do this, consider what you bring to the table:

  • What are the values of your company? Tout your strong work ethic to build confidence in your potential clients.
  • Does a large percentage of your business come from referrals? This says a lot about the customer service you provide, and can be a powerful marketing tool.
  • What makes you better than the competition? Do you specialize in an area of real estate? Separate yourself from the others by informing your market about your expertise in a particular neighborhood or community.

Once you have formulated the components of your brand, it’s time to share it with the local market, get the word out, and create a buzz. In addition to utilizing traditional methods of creating visibility for your brand, such as with home signs, or establishing connections through networking and professional affiliations, the most substantial impact you can make is through focusing your real estate marketing efforts in establishing a prominent online presence that resonates with your target market. Here are some ways to accomplish that:

  • Logo and appealing website design. Create a visually appealing, unique logo and color scheme that is professional, yet captivating. Enlisting expert professional services is highly recommended here. The more professional your design looks, the more credibility your brand will have. Creating visual impact straightaway will make your brand easier to remember. Take note of the simple imagery and colors that are popular in your local market, and get inspired to create something similar.
  • Post blogs regularly on your website. Turn your website into a valuable resource for your target market to learn about the communities you specialize in. A great way to position yourself as the local expert is to post blogs regularly that offer valuable information that potential local home buyers are interested in learning about. Include information about upcoming events in the community, local programs, attractions, commuter life, the job market, school districts, etc.
  • Open House Handouts. These are so much more appealing than a printed MLS sheet. Give an attractive overview of the home on this handout, and include valuable information, like the dimensions of each room, summaries for utility costs, property taxes, and a list of items that were added or upgraded, and when, for major items like the roof, or the air conditioning system.
  • Business cards, banner ads, brochures, letterhead, and flyers. Placing your logo on everything with your name on it will also maximize your efforts to produce even stronger visibility through continuity. From business cards to social media cover photos, make sure it’s professional and captivating. For Sale Marketing offers packages that handle all of your graphic design services at an affordable price.
  • HTML Email Signature. A clever and simple way to reinforce your brand, build your opt-in list, and drive traffic to your online presence is to create a branded email signature. Include links, a photo, a company tagline, website address, as well as other options to make your signature professional and polished.

Once your target market associates you with your brand, you have succeeded in establishing a credible identity and a professional reputation.  A well known brand can serve as a promise of satisfaction and quality customer service. Your brand is how your peers and target market will identify with you.

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