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How Realtors Can Build Their Brand

Building a distinctive brand as a realtor requires valuable content, a strong media presence, and interaction with your target market to convey an identity. A brand should be unique and memorable so that it will be instinctively be associated with you, the real estate professional, simply through face/brand recognition. 

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Effective Real Estate Web Design Strategies

Real estate professionals need to stand out from their competition in order to generate sales, create their own brand, and achieve visibility within the industry. As a marketing tool, your website’s design can serve as your secret weapon. Whether you are redesigning your existing site, or creating a new one, incorporating some key components can…

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Top Social Media Practices for Realtors

As a skilled real estate agent, you are always seeking ways to build and grow your business and relationships with those around you. One effective way of doing this is by taking full advantage of social media for real estate agents. You may be thinking social media is easy, but in reality, there is a…

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