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Why your New Real Estate Listing Needs a Separate URL

Why your New Real Estate Listing Needs a Separate URLIf you are looking for an innovative way to market your new real estate listing, creating a separate URL should top your list. While single property websites are not a new concept, they are proving to be a valuable marketing resource in today’s competitive real estate market, where home owners are looking for agents who will go that extra mile to distinguish their listing from other properties. This particularly applies to home sellers in the luxury real estate market, who are eager to present their property to home buyers from across the country and around the globe to ensure they receive top dollar for their listing. Whether you are moving into the luxury home market and trying to attract top tier real estate clients or seeking to satisfy your premium customers by presenting them with a unique selling campaign that puts the spotlight on their listing, single property websites offer a host of valuable benefits that make them the perfect marketing tools for your new property listings. There are many reasons why your new real estate listing needs a separate URL; we’ve provided a few of our favorites so you can see if this marketing strategy is a good fit for you and your clients.

  1. A separate URL improves the search visibility of your listing
    When multiple properties are listed on a website, the site’s keywords have to reflect the properties as a whole; this wholesale search marketing approach is designed to drive traffic to your website, but it makes it easy for individual properties to get lost or marginalized. When you create a separate URL for your listing, you can concentrate your keywords on the best features of that one specific property; by applying expert real estate SEO strategies when choosing your keywords, you can achieve a higher search visibility for your listing than it could ever receive on a shared listing site.
  2. A single property website puts the spotlight on your listing
    On a typical real estate website, individual listings can sometimes get lost amid a sea of similar properties. With a single property website you can focus on revealing all the features of your listing in glorious detail, with a video tour, unlimited property description text and photos, complete detailed neighborhood information, and more. You can easily create a coordinated print campaign that focuses exclusively on your listing.
  3. You can easily build domain authority and exposure for your listing’s URL using inbound links
    Using familiar digital real estate marketing techniques, you can easily create inbound links that increase exposure for your new listing’s URL by raising its search engine ranking. Use all the marketing tools at your disposal to create strong inbound links that will build domain authority for your listing’s URL:

    1. Write a blog post announcing your new listing’s website
    2. Tweet tantalizing details about your listing, with pictures to help drive traffic
    3. Provide an intriguing glimpse of your new single property website on your Facebook page, with pictures and text that will drive traffic to your dedicated URL
    4. Create a Pinterest page, with gorgeous color photos linking to your dedicated single property website
    5. Claim your listing location on Google maps
    6. Announce your property’s new URL on your email newsletter
    7. Feature the videos from your single property websites on your dedicated YouTube channel
  4. Single property websites are surprisingly affordable
    With so many internet providers and hosting solutions now on the internet, creating a separate URL for your listings has become extremely affordable. If you decide to create separate URLs for several listings, hosting rates can become even lower.
  5. Creating a separate URL for your listing positions you as an agent with expert real estate marketing skills
    Clients appreciate having a real estate agent who excels at marketing in their corner. When you create a separate URL for your new listing, you show you’re willing to go the extra mile to ensure the properties you represent are perfectly positioned to attract qualified buyers.

Now that you have a better understanding of the benefits of using single property websites to market your listings, you may be tempted to create individual websites for all your quality properties! You can count on For Sale Marketing to help whether you are creating a separate URL for a single listing or marketing your entire family of quality properties with their own dedicated URLs. Our responsive website designs feature lead generating real estate forms, dynamic content, expert SEO strategies, and more, and are designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing real estate internet marketing campaigns.

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