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How to Generate Internet Real Estate Leads

How to Generate Internet Real Estate LeadsSavvy real estate agents know the key to generating internet real estate leads doesn’t lie in having a flashy website or the best graphics; it is much more basic than that. The most reliable way to generate internet real estate leads is to convince home sellers that you will do the best job of marketing their property, and home buyers that you have the in-depth knowledge of local properties and neighborhoods to find the perfect residence to meet their needs.  In order to meet these criteria, you will need to spend some time establishing an online presence for yourself and your agency. The following five tips will help you get started:

  • Market your properties with video storytelling
    Video storytelling has emerged as a highly effective online marketing tool for real estate agents. Create a dedicated YouTube channel of featured properties, using videos to show prospective purchasers what their life could be like if only they were living in the target property. Make the story as complete as possible, beginning with a tastefully shot video of the listing, focusing on the features that set it apart. Continue with a walk-through of the local neighborhood, including parks, playgrounds, and areas of interest; showcase local shops, galleries, and restaurants; take visitors to local schools to complete the picture.
  • Establish a full featured, mobile-friendly real estate website
    Sellers need to have confidence that their listing will get the widespread exposure it needs to bring in the highest possible offers; home buyers will turn to real estate agents whose properties they can search at any time on their smartphone or tablet. Satisfy both groups with a mobile-friendly website that features responsive real estate web design so it can be accessed at anytime from anywhere, appearing to its best advantage on every type of mobile device, fully integrated IDX, so visitors can search for listings without leaving your website, and short, concise lead generating real estate forms that visitors can fill out in a flash.
  • Optimize your real estate website for the highest visibility
    Since the majority of internet users do not look beyond the first page of search engine results, it is essential that your website have the highest possible ranking. Employ expert real estate SEO services to raise your website’s performance with search engines, making sure all the content on your webpages, from your real estate blog to the photos on your contact page, are correctly optimized with keywords and long tail keyword phrases .
  • Publicize your listings and strengthen connections with social media
    Social media has a marketing reach that cannot be denied; put it to use building your brand and spreading the word about your real estate agency. Build a following of interested customers on Facebook by disseminating valuable content like moving tips, mortgage and financing tips, etc., with occasional announcements about featured properties. Home sellers will recognize the marketing might that comes with a large pool of engaged followers, and buyers will eagerly follow links back to your website to conduct their property searches. Intersperse tweets that contain links to interesting real estate content with announcements about your featured properties and remember to strengthen the appeal of your postings by including photos and videos.
  • Use LinkedIn to build your reputation online
    Whether they are looking to purchase a home or put theirs up for sale, real estate clients want to deal with competent, well-respected agents that are recognized by their peers for their business acumen. Establish a business profile on LinkedIn including full details of all your qualifications and areas of expertise. Join groups and forums, participating and answering questions to establish your expertise with other business professionals, and then collect recommendations and endorsements to build your brand authority.

Now that you know how to generate internet real estate leads, it’s time to put these practices into action. The dedicated team at For Sale Marketing can help you with every step of implementing your internet real estate marketing strategies, with a responsive real estate web design that includes fully-integrated IDX, lead generating real estate forms, expert SEO services, social media marketing, and more.

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