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Real Estate Website Packages: 3 Options

real estate website packagesHow to choose the right real estate website package to meet your needs

If you ask successful real estate professionals about their most important marketing assets, you’ll find that real estate websites always top the list. Agent and broker websites play an enormous role in the success of real estate marketing strategies. In addition to serving as the heart of realtors’ online marketing strategies, real estate websites are often the first introduction to prospective clients. 

Trying to balance your marketing needs with the realities of your promotional budget can be tricky, particularly for real estate professionals who are on a tight budget. We offer three real estate website packages, with scaled pricing and marketing options to make sure real estate professionals in every phase of their growth cycle are able to meet their marketing needs.

Basic real estate website – no SEO

This no-frills option lacks some of the tools that a more extensive real estate website offers, but it does provide several essential benefits that will help you attract and keep real estate clients as you build your business. Our basic real estate web design packages include:

  • Beautiful custom designed website
  • Mobile-friendly, responsive website design
  • Personal branding with your logo, picture, and tag line prominently featured
  • Your own domain name
  • Easy navigation features
  • Fully integrated IDX solution
  • Real estate lead-generating forms
  • WordPress design for easy updating and future expansion

Pros: Basic real estate website packages are highly affordable, even for new realtors who are just starting their career. Unlike the free sites offered by brokerages and the large real estate directories, custom designed real estate websites present you as a dynamic agent in your own right, rather than simply one of the interchangeable personnel at a real estate brokerage. Many free websites do not feature mobile-friendly design, so home buyers who use their smartphones or tablets to search are not going to be able to access your site easily. If you are a real estate agent or broker with a limited marketing budget, our basic real estate website package is a great way to establish your presence on the web.

Cons: While a basic real estate website will establish your online presence, without SEO (search engine optimization) or a blog in place, it is not going to establish your industry authority, or actively generate leads. Prospective clients researching you online will see you in the best light, but they will need to search for you specifically as your website will not show up in other real estate-related searches. 

Real estate website with SEO and a blog

Your beautiful, custom designed website will include all of the features provided in our basic real estate website packages, along with SEO and a blog. This affordably delivers dynamic real estate lead generation features that Google and clients will love:

  • Keyword research to find trending real estate terms and phrases
  • Optimized for voice search
  • Search engine optimization of website videos, photos, and other images
  • Local and hyperlocal SEO strategies
  • Keywords incorporated in custom titles, Meta descriptions, alt tags, etc.
  • Industry links
  • WordPress design makes it easy to update your blog

Pros: Real estate website packages that include SEO and a blog are an affordable choice for agents and brokers who are actively building their client base but still tightly monitoring their budget. Applying SEO in your website design helps attract new leads as clients find you through searches on Google and the other search engines. Combine that with a real estate blog that so you can keep your real estate website updated with fresh, relevant content and trending keywords, and you have the exact factors that Google looks for when assigning top places in search results.

 Cons: For the best results, you should blog consistently, with weekly posts that are distributed and promoted through social media and other online channels. Keeping up with this writing and distribution schedule can be challenging for busy real estate professionals working to build their business.

Real estate website with SEO, blog, and monthly marketing services

The best real estate website packages include a variety of monthly service packages, so you can choose the combination of marketing services that precisely suits your promotion needs. These comprehensive real estate marketing packages include everything above, plus additional features to build your brand and generate online leads. Assemble a suite of monthly real estate marketing services to support your real estate website, choosing some or all of the following:

  • SEO strategies: Compliance audit and analysis of your real estate website, updating keywords, links, and content to gain the highest possible position in search results
  • Social media marketing: Daily posts on several of the most popular social marketing networks
  • SEO Blogging: Interesting, relevant SEO blogs in the most popular formats plus distribution through online channels to attract views
  • PPC ads: Keyword and market research, dedicated landing pages, and ad placement strategizing
  • Email marketing: Engaging email newsletters with dynamic CTAs and dedicated landing pages

Pros: Realtors who choose real estate website packages that include SEO, a blog, and monthly marketing services realize the greatest marketing advantage. Because these packages put a comprehensive list of the online real estate marketing tools to work building your brand and generating leads, you will realize the greatest ROI. Comprehensive real estate marketing packages are popular with top sellers, especially those who work in luxury markets, because they include a full set of promotional tools to build your brand and effectively generate online leads.

Cons: Comprehensive real estate website packages require a greater financial commitment than the more basic packages. Because these packages combine several forms of online marketing strategies, the total ongoing monthly outlay may be too expensive for new real estate professionals or realtors on tight budgets to afford.

If you need help choosing one of these real estate website packages, call on For Sale Marketing. We’re a leading Boca Raton real estate marketing agency experienced at creating effective real estate website packages that incorporate a responsive real estate web design with fully integrated IDX and lead generating real estate forms, expert SEO services, blogging services, social media marketing packages, and more.

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