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How to Get More Leads from My Real Estate Website

get more leads from my real estate websiteWondering, How Can I Get More Leads From My Real Estate Website? Find Out 6 Ways.

It’s the one question that every realtor ends up wondering: “How can I get more leads from my real estate website?” Having an attractive website design is important, but your website’s real value lies in its ability to bring in leads. If your website isn’t generating as many leads as you would like, give these six methods a try. You should start seeing an increase in leads from your real estate website in no time!

#6: Update your lead generation forms

As consumers turn to mobile devices and on-the-go home hunting, they don’t want to take the time to fill out long forms. Real estate website forms generate more leads when they ask for a minimum amount of information. You can find out more information once contact has been made. Revamp the contact forms on your real estate website so they just ask for the name, email address, and phone number. Shortening these forms will increase the likelihood that leads will complete the forms instead of leaving halfway through.

#5: Add videos to your real estate website

According to the latest generational reports on home buyers from NAR, every age group is searching for more real estate videos online. Shoot neighborhood walk-throughs, school tours, area attractions and optimize them for local search. This will help generate more leads from every age group and demographic.

#4: Use social marketing to drive traffic

Social marketing is a highly effective way to generate more leads from your real estate website. Every time someone shares one of your posts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or any of the other social networks, they introduce your website to new contacts that can turn into new leads.

#3: Increase engagement with a real estate blog

If you are wondering how to improve real estate website to generate more leads, one of the best ways is to add a weekly blog. This form of content marketing for real estate helps generate leads in several ways. Blogs give you a way to add new keywords and phrases each week, which raises your search rank. It also establishes your expertise, generating more leads as prospective customers trust that you are their best choice for realtor.

#2: Optimize your website using local and hyperlocal SEO strategies

Generating real estate leads using standard search terms and keywords is almost impossible now that Trulia, Zillow, and the other real estate directories are dominating search results. Realtors are finding they generate more real estate leads using hyperlocal SEO strategies that focus on individual small neighborhoods, communities, and developments. It takes just three steps to generate more real estate leads with hyperlocal/local SEO: Update your real estate website with the long-tail phrases used in voice search. Google prioritizes local content, so make sure the citations associated with your real estate brokerage and web presence are correct (name, address, phone number) with Google so you show up in “near me”   searches as well.

#1: Update your real estate website’s SEO strategies for voice searches

More people are using digital assistants in mobile phones and smart home hubs every day.  The phrases used in voice search are different from those used in typed searches on a laptop. Performing an SEO overhaul to add in these voice search phrases is the best way to get your website to generate leads from people using digital assistants for their home search chores.

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