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4 Real Estate Marketing Techniques to Boost Your Business

Real Estate Marketing TechniquesLooking for ways to boost your real estate business? We have 4 real estate marketing techniques that will help

As a motivated real estate agent, you are always looking for techniques you can use to boost your business. It doesn’t matter if you are a new realtor just starting out or a seasoned broker at the head of your own agency, if you want to succeed in the highly competitive real estate market, you need to find strategies that will give you an edge. Now that the majority of home buyers and sellers use the Internet during the home purchasing process, realtors need to use online strategies to get ahead. To help your marketing efforts, here are 4 effective real estate marketing techniques to boost your business:

#1: Use content marketing to increase your online visibility

The Internet has become the first introduction many home sellers and buyers have to realtors. Establishing a strong online presence and a high visibility as an industry authority is a key technique for boosting your business. One of the factors home buyers look for is an agent who is knowledgeable about the local area, so they can feel like they are truly getting the best property for their situation. Content marketing is the ideal real estate marketing technique to position yourself as a local authority and build a following among home buyers. Use the full range of content marketing to promote your real estate business: write SEO-friendly blogs, post a local neighborhood mini- website, make downloadable checklists, and create short e-books that cover real estate matters from home financing tips to local neighborhood guides.

#2: Nurture current and past clients

Real estate has one of the longest lead times in the sales world, with home buyers taking as long as three years from the first time they enter the sales funnel. With such a long lead time, it is critical that you find ways to nurture your past and current clients to keep them engaged while they are making up their minds. Facebook, Twitter, and other real estate social marketing strategies give you an effective and unobtrusive way to nurture real estate clients. Combine social strategies with a segmented real estate email newsletter and you will be able to establish the type of long-lasting relationship that leads to repeat commissions and lifetime clients.

#3: Make your existing marketing efforts more effective

One of the great real estate marketing tips is that you don’t necessarily have to employ new real estate marketing strategies in order to boost your business, you just need to make the strategies you are already using as effective as possible.  One of the ways you can do this is by creating dedicated landing pages for your existing real estate marketing strategies.

Many real estate professionals see their online marketing efforts fail because prospective clients leave their websites before following through on the marketing strategy that attracted them in the first place. When an eager homebuyer or seller follows that great property email or timely Tweet you posted, they don’t want to have to search through your entire website for the information that intrigued them. Dedicated landing pages that include lead-generating forms let you capture contacts’ information as soon as they reach your sales funnel. Create dedicated landing pages for all of your email, social media, and search marketing strategies and get ready to see a major boost in leads!

#4: Use unique marketing ideas to attract new clients

If you’re looking for unique real estate marketing ideas that will attract new clients and boost your real estate business, try adding drone photography or 3-D virtual tours to your real estate marketing startegies. Virtual tours are surprisingly easy to create, and they open up your marketing options in a big way. In addition to attracting clients online, virtual home tours allow you to take prospective home buyers on an afternoon of visiting Open Houses, without ever having to leave the office. Virtual tours help you use your time more efficiently – instead of having to fight traffic or spending the day getting in and out of hot cars, you can consult with clients in the comfort of your office and find the few special properties that really interested them.

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