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Real Estate Online Marketing Ideas

3 real estate online marketing ideas that will help you build a strong agent brand

Real Estate Online Marketing IdeasIn today’s digital world, real estate agents need to have a powerful online brand if they want to succeed.  Building a strong real estate brand isn’t simply a matter of thinking up a catchy tag line, attaching an attractive photo, and buying some billboards and bus stop benches. The Internet is the first place that many home buyers and sellers go to research and meet agents now, so realtors need to build a strong online presence if they want to capture the attention of new clients. We have 3 effective real estate online marketing ideas that will help you develop and promote your online real estate agent brand.

Create a memorable presence through a personal real estate agent website

If you’re relying on your agency website to represent you on the Internet, you’re never going to develop the strong Internet agent brand that will make you memorable to home buyers on the web. In order to have potential clients to seek you out specifically rather than settle for any agent at your brokerage, you need a personal agent website with a winning set of characteristics that sets it apart. Create a clean, distinctive signature look for your website, with a logo and style that is memorable to visitors. Make your website easy to navigate, with an attractive mobile-friendly interface that encourages visitors to click their way through your site. Make sure you highlight your professional expertise, and include lead capturing features that will make it easy for home buyers to connect with you.

Promote your agent brand through social media marketing

One of the differences between traditional marketing and Internet marketing for real estate agents is that you can gain a lot of notice without having to spend a fortune on outside media sources. Social media marketing allows you to connect with home buyers on a personal level and build a strong real estate brand with an investment of time rather than money.  You can develop an online relationship with present and future clients so they will instinctively turn to you when they are ready to make a home purchase. Use the full range of social media marketing for real estate to build your agent brand:

  • Stay engaged with clients and meet new customers in their social circle using tweets and Facebook posts with helpful real estate related tips, checklists, and video clips of attractive properties
  • Answer real estate questions in Google+ Hangouts to build your agent brand through market authority
  • Participate in discussions on LinkedIn to forge new business relationships

Use an informative real estate blog to build a strong online agent brand

Publishing an informative weekly or biweekly blog is one of the most essential online real estate marketing strategies for building a strong agent brand. A real estate blog helps you establish a visible online presence, by giving you a way to incorporate the latest trending keywords and mobile search phrases that real estate customers are using. Well-written blogs with helpful, interesting information on real estate topics will establish you as a trusted source of real estate information, powerfully strengthening your real estate brand while raising your site’s SEO value so you have a higher search rank.

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