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5 Tips: Marketing for Realtors

Top ways to supercharge your real estate marketing strategies

Marketing for RealtorsAre you looking for ways to make your real estate marketing strategies more effective? To reach the top of the highly competitive real estate market, realtors need to use every marketing resource to its full extent.  Since marketing strategies are continually evolving, it is important to review your strategies regularly to see if you need to make any adjustments to make them work better. Anything that can make your marketing strategies even a little bit more effective is worth the effort. To help you gain the widest market reach, we’re sharing our top 5 tips on marketing for realtors. Put them into effect to supercharge your real estate marketing strategies today!

  1. Optimize EVERYTHING for mobile
    Most home buyers and sellers aren’t using a laptop when they search for homes, access their email, or check in with social media – they’re using smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. Time to make all your strategies work better with mobile! Start with your website: choose a responsive real estate web design so your website performs perfectly no matter how your clients access it. Next, optimize your email newsletters, landing pages for your ads and campaigns, and even your Tweets, posts, and other social marketing messages so they are all mobile-friendly. Using responsive design to create all your real estate marketing strategies is the best way to ensure your marketing messages will connect with prospective clients.
  2. Fine-tune your SEO strategies with local terms
    It’s gotten very difficult to gain visibility in online searches using the most popular real estate terms and phrases. If your real estate website is slipping in search rank, you’ll find more success if you ditch the standard real estate industry keywords phrases and opt for local keywords. Concentrate on local terms, smaller neighborhood names, and add in keyword phrases that mimic verbal questions and searches.
  3. Add video to all your real estate marketing strategies
    Videos generate a much greater response from home buyers than static photos. You can give a major boost to all your real estate marketing strategies by incorporating videos in various ways. Liven up your real estate website with video tours of homes and neighborhood walk-throughs. Add interest to your email newsletters with entertaining video shorts, and make your social posts pop by adding 3-second videos to your Tweets and Facebook posts.
  4. Segment your email newsletters
    Your real estate clients get so many emails each day that unless your real estate newsletter has information that provides a clear value to each individual, odds are it’s going to get deleted. You will get a much better response if you send out email newsletters tailored to the specific qualities your clients are searching for in their real estate properties. An easy way to start is by segmenting your contact list according to broad groupings to start, such as commercial or residential; family, couple, or single; or by age group.
  5. Use customized landing pages for all your real estate marketing strategies
    Instead of having your email newsletters, PPC ads, social media ads and posts, and other real estate marketing strategies click through to your website’s home page, take the time to create customized landing pages and you should see a dramatic improvement in your response and click-through rate. Commercial clients clicking their email newsletter should be sent to a landing page that features commercial properties; a social media post for a local neighborhood event should connect to the corresponding neighborhood section of your website, and so on.

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