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How Real Estate Agents can Increase Newsletter Subscribers

5 easy tips to get more newsletter subscribers for your real estate email marketing campaigns

get more newsletter subscribers Are you looking for some fast, effective tips on building your real estate email subscriber list? There’s no question that an email newsletter is one of the most important strategies in a real estate agent’s marketing arsenal. A real estate email newsletter gives you an easy, friendly way to maintain long-term relationships with your clients while making sure your name is top-of-mind when they or their contacts need real estate services.  And it is certainly cost-effective, with an incredible ROI (return on investment) of $44 for every $1 spent, according to some email marketing reports. But before you can start enjoying the benefits of email marketing, you first need to build your subscriber list. We’ve got some easy-to-enact real estate email marketing tips that will help you get more subscribers for your newsletter in a hurry.

Add content upgrade offers

Adding content upgrade offers to your website is our #1 tip for building your real estate newsletter subscriber list. Home buyers and sellers love getting additional resources they can use in their house hunt, and since content upgrades are fashioned from resources that you have already created, this email marketing strategy is incredibly easy to enact.

Every time you create a blog, video, or other content for your website, simply convert the information to a different format, then offer the new content in exchange for signing up for your newsletter.

Some quick examples: turn your article on “Home Staging Tips,” into a printable checklist, or offer transcripts of your neighborhood video tours.  Create slideshares from your helpful blog on mortgage tips to convert the information into a format that home buyers can easily view and absorb.

Add list-building CTAs throughout your real estate webpages

Encourage visitors to your website to sign up for your real estate newsletter with dynamic CTAs (calls to action) placed in strategic areas throughout your webpages.

  • On your blog – Greet visitors to your real estate blog with a pop-up window inviting them to join your email list, and add an in-line CTA at the bottom of each blog
  • On your webpages – add a pop-up window with an email subscription form that appears when visitors first go to your real estate website and one that shows up when they mouse off your site.

Gate some of the popular real estate resources on your website

Putting some of your popular web resources behind a “gate” is a great way to get more newsletter subscribers. Home searchers will eagerly sign up for your email newsletter if it allows them to access your videos of neighborhood tours, detailed school information, and home buying tips.

Make your emails mobile-friendly

Since the majority of home buyers and sellers now check their email on a smartphone or tablet, optimizing your emails for mobile is a necessary step. You’ll find that making your newsletters more mobile-friendly helps you keep more subscribers and get new ones as your current fans share your emails with their family and friends.

Supercharge your real estate email newsletters to attract more subscribers

Gaining referrals from current email subscribers is a key strategy for building your subscriber list. Make your email newsletters more effective at generating new subscribers in just 2 easy steps:

  • Add dynamic CTAs to help your emails convert – Adding dynamic CTAs to the end of each of your emails will help encourage new readers to become subscribers
  • Include referral rewards­ – Motivate your current subscribers to share your emails with their house-hunting friends by offering a free bonus to both parties

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