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Savvy Real Estate Marketing Ideas for Memorial Day Weekend

Your real estate marketing for Memorial Day should begin with a salute. These ideas will give you a new look at your marketing.

Real Estate Marketing Ideas for Memorial Day WeekendMemorial Day is a time of reflection and giving thanks to those who have worked hard to serve this big and beautiful country. It’s about time that you give something that will shelter the families of these hard-working individuals for years to come. This special holiday is the perfect way to extend your services to those that have served, and show them how you care for what they represent. Here some beneficial ideas to implement in your real estate marketing for Memorial Day.

Join Memorial Events for your Real Estate Marketing Ideas

Memorial Day brings family and friends together to celebrate traditional events such as parades, charity auctions, and picnics. Without getting too promotional, this is prime time to show your support of our heroes by participating in an events such as forming a volleyball team at a picnic with your logo on team t-shirts, invite individuals and their families to join your raffle for a complimentary meal with a referral, or sponsor a local team with your logo on items such as keychains, water bottles, towels, and more.  These are subtle real estate marketing ideas to get your name out there without taking away from the importance of the special day.

Welcome an Open House on Memorial Day Weekend

A Memorial Day open house is the perfect opportunity to tug at the heartstrings of those whose family has served. Choose a location in a family-friendly community, preferably with a pool, and if you know of any children in that area as well, this may be a bonus. When you find the perfect location for the open house, set up Memorial Day theme decorations throughout the house, especially the living room, bedrooms, and pool. These are excellent ways to make your leads feel at home while you talk about the homes best attributes.

Mobile Coupons as a part of your Real Estate Marketing Ideas

Create special coupons via email or from your website that allows buyers to download right their phone. These coupons can be good for anything from a spa treatment for the ladies to ½ off the first cable bill for one of the promotional Memorial Day real estate marketing ideas. Make it specific to Memorial Day such as complimentary oil change when they sign up for your newsletter.

Contest on Social Media for your Real Estate Marketing Ideas

Since Memorial Day is a special day for our heroes, set up a contest on all of your social media pages as one of your real estate marketing ideas. This contest could be something fun such as having them come up with a catchy patriotic caption for a photo. The one with the cleverest caption wins.

Whether you’re just starting out in real estate this holiday you’ve been at it for some time, the For Sale Marketing team can lead in the right direction. They specialize in SEO services, PPC strategies, web designs, and more. Contact us here for more details.