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7 Pro Tips: Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Agents

The best marketing ideas for real estate agents start with researching the best options that fit your business and budget


Marketing Ideas for Real Estate AgentsSo, you think you know what it takes to create a successful real estate business? If that’s the case, perhaps you need a fresh perspective. Both the real estate and marketing worlds are always changing and evolving. The savvy real estate business owner is constantly searching for new methods to compete in this ever changing market. We’ve put together these new and improved marketing ideas for real estate agents just for you, the real estate agent ready to tackle marketing their business in the most effective, up-to-date way possible.  

Get with the Program – SEO and Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Agents

This isn’t a new strategy, but most certainly isn’t an old one either. SEO or search engine optimization is one the best, most effective real estate marketing ideas because of its ability to boost your website’s rank in the search engine based on keywords and phrases that are relevant to your business. If you are not an SEO expert, check out our latest blog with SEO tips for Real Estate agents.

Go Mobile and Get Active – Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Agents

It’s not 1998 anymore, you must keep up with the times, and therefore going mobile is your top priority when being on top of your game. Your website, newsletters, social media, and blog content need to be easily readable to the viewer – your website most definitely should be responsive. Furthermore, you need to be actively involved with your viewers. For example, at the end of your blogs you should offer a comment section and respond positively to any and all feedback.

Email Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Agents

Revamp your entire way of thinking before sending your next newsletter, albeit email or snail mail. Sure, you have some pretty important information that you need to tell your leads, but not everyone reads the same way. Add relevant and humorous or thought-provoking pictures to your newsletter. Time-lapse videos are also an excellent way of drawing attention to available properties. If you can segment your subscriber list, target your message accordingly. Get creative with your email real estate marketing ideas and watch the clicks accumulate!

Social Media Advertising as a part of Successful Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Agents

Next to T.V ads, social media is at the top of one of the successful and beneficial ways to get you name out that when cultivating your real estate marketing strategies. Ranging anywhere from $5.00 to $20.00, you can have a detailed and fresh ad that will pop up through everyone’s news feed. You can target who is seeing your ads as well, making your ads even more effective. Offer simple and eye-catching incentives that will drive traffic back to your site.

Ad Seminars to your Real Estate Marketing Ideas

In the weeks leading up to your open-house, host a seminar that will allow you the front seat to your viewers. This gives them the ability to ask questions, hear your thoughts and you hear theirs. Offer to advertise for your seminar at your local school or town hall in those weeks prior. Have your laptop ready to collect the contact information from each lead after the seminar.

For more information on how to revamp your business and get creative with the marketing ideas for real estate agents, contact the savvy team at For Sale Marketing. Not only will they assist with SEO services and web design, they will help you with agent branding, PPC strategies, and much more.