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Web Design for Real Estate Agencies

Choosing the best real estate web design firm to ensure your agency’s success

Web Design for Real Estate AgenciesIf you are looking for a firm to design your real estate agency’s website, it can be tempting to go with one of the bargain-priced, generic web design firms you see offering their services on the web. After all, websites are pretty much the same – any firm that designs attractive commercial websites should be able to create a winning one for your real estate agency, right? Actually, nothing could be farther from the truth. Real estate agencies need their websites to have certain features and functionalities that standard commercial websites lack. When you choose a firm that focuses exclusively on web design for real estate agencies, you gain the services of skilled graphic artists and web design experts that are experienced at providing the specific features that real estate agencies need. Read on to learn why choosing a dedicated real estate web design firm is so important to your real estate agency’s success.

Integrated IDX Solutions

To make sure home buyers and sellers keep coming back to your real estate agency’s website, you need a way to show them up to date listings. A generic web design firm will know how to incorporate individual listings, but they may lack experience dealing with MLS listings. An agency that concentrates exclusively on web design for real estate agencies will know how to give you a fully integrated IDX solution that allows home buyers to search through MLS listings without having to leave your site.

Expert Lead Generation Forms

While establishing a strong web presence and building your brand is important, the most critical role of your website is generating new leads for your real estate agency. Simply establishing a web presence and waiting for customers to ask for information is not enough; you need to feature carefully tailored real estate lead generation forms on your website to draw clients in and motivate them to contact you. A dedicated real estate web design firm will be experienced at creating dynamic real estate lead generation forms such as List Your Home, Your Home’s Value, Find Your Dream Home, and more. These forms are invaluable to realtors, as they do a great job of eliciting prime contact information so you can connect with motivated buyers and sellers.

Local Real Estate SEO

Zillow, Trulia, and the other large directory sites routinely capture the top positions for many real estate-related terms, making it extremely difficult for independent real estate agencies to establish a strong search presence. When you choose a dedicated real estate web design agency that is physically located in your vicinity, you gain access to experienced SEO specialists who have in-depth area knowledge that they can leverage to find local and neighborhood real estate terms that larger, centrally-located directory sites overlook. By incorporating these search terms in the ideal frequency throughout your site in page titles, images, copy, and more, these local real estate SEO experts will help your agency’s website gain the highest possible position in local real estate search results.

When you are ready to create or update your real estate agency’s website, call on For Sale Marketing. We’re a leading Boca Raton interactive marketing firm that specializes in web design for real estate agencies, with extensive experience at creating beautiful, responsive real estate web designs that include specialized real estate features and functionalities. Let us create a real estate website for your agency that incorporates dynamic lead generation forms, local SEO keywords and copy, a fully integrated IDX solution and more to ensure your real estate success.

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