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Commercial Real Estate Marketing Ideas  

Commercial Real Estate Marketing IdeasHow to Remain Competitive in Today’s Commercial Real Estate Market  

When was the last time you updated your commercial real estate marketing strategies? The commercial real estate market is making a comeback, according to The National Association of Realtors’ President Tom Salomone, who cited recent NAR survey data which shows that lenders are returning to the commercial market. NAR’s latest Commercial Real Estate Outlook (2015 Q4) reports that commercial fundamentals are expected to improve throughout 2016 and investments are predicted to continue on an upward trend. In order to take advantage of the improved climate for commercial real estate, agents need to incorporate the latest online marketing strategies to achieve the greatest marketing reach. If you haven’t performed an online marketing review in some time, we have some commercial real estate marketing ideas that will help you update your online strategies to ensure your real estate agency remains competitive in 2016 and beyond.

Switch to a responsive, mobile-friendly web design

In today’s on-demand society, commercial real estate buyers have become accustomed to accessing information whenever and wherever they have some free time. Online property searches have moved out of the office now that searchers can access information via their smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. Since new mobile devices are introduced all the time, your best bet is an update to a responsive real estate web design. Responsive real estate websites for commercial real estate adjust to devices automatically, so they always provide the best user experience no matter how buyers access your site.

Update your social media profiles

This is a quick, no-cost marketing idea for commercial real estate that can make a real difference in improving your bottom line. Many prospective commercial real estate clients rely on social media and online profiles when searching for agents to handle their affairs. Updating your social media profiles takes just minutes and ensures that your prospects have access to your latest achievements as well as accurate contact information. Carefully check your profile on LinkedIn, Google+, and the other social marketing platforms on which you have a presence and update your information and picture if needed.

Improve your email management system

Are you keeping up with old clients and checking in with them on a regular basis? It’s easy to get so caught up in the day to day business of running your real estate agency that you overlook this critical marketing strategy. Sending out email newsletters that are segmented to target your clients’ particular interests allows you to stay top of mind and relevant to these key resources.

Email management programs that keep track of contacts and responses can make your email marketing efforts much more productive. If you don’t want to invest in a paid system, there are a number of free email systems such as MailChimp that can help improve the return you get from your email marketing.

Employ a content management system (CMS)

Trying to keep track of your emails, blogs, and social media accounts can be difficult for a commercial real estate agent. A content management system like HubSpot can make sure you get the most out of your commercial real estate marketing strategies. These systems can organize, coordinate, and even post your content, making your online marketing efforts more regular and effective.

Although content management systems can be a little pricey, they are not just for the largest agencies anymore. If you are an Independent real estate agent or from a small agency with just a few employees, you can hire a real estate marketing agency like For Sale Marketing that partners with HubSpot to take care of your online marketing strategies. Entering into one of our monthly content management agreements allows you to enjoy the same market advantage as the largest commercial real estate agencies, without having to shoulder the entire expense of purchasing the content management system yourself.

For more commercial real estate marketing ideas, along with expert marketing support to ensure your agency’s success, you can always turn to For Sale Marketing. Our dedicated team of marketing experts can provide you with everything you need to remain competitive in today’s commercial real estate market, including responsive web design for commercial real estate, social media marketing strategies, professional email and blog writing services, monthly content management packages, and much more.

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