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Real Estate Blog Ideas

Real Estate Blog IdeasHow To Up the SEO Value of Your Real Estate Blog to Get It Noticed

Content marketing has emerged as one of the most effective online real estate marketing strategies, and realtors across the country are incorporating it into their real estate marketing plan.  As a result, the number of real estate blogs available online is increasing daily. This leaves you with a dilemma: how can you get your real estate blog noticed now that so many realtors have begun blogging? Setting your blog apart from the competition is not easy – you need to come up with real estate blog ideas that will keep your current readers engaged and interested while generating a high search position that will help new clients to find your blog. With a little work and the following tips, you can make a definite difference in your blogs’ search rank and keep readers’ interest at an all-time high. Let’s get started!

Grab readers’ (and Google’s) attention with an SEO-rich headline

To get your blog post to as many real estate clients as possible, you need to create a headline that Google loves just as much as your clients do.

Make sure your headline summarizes the main idea of your real estate blog to satisfy readers and search engines. You should include your focus keyword in your blog title. Don’t engage in keyword stuffing; just a single keyword or phrase is best. An ideal length for headlines is 55 to 70 characters (around 9 words).

CoSchedule Headline Analyzer is a great free tool that can help you perfect your titles. Just enter your titles and it’ll give you tips on how to help it score higher with readers as well as with Google and the other search engines.

Use subheadings

Blogs that are paragraph-dense are hard for viewers to read. You will attract more real estate customers if you break up your blog post into short, easily digested bits of information, announced by bolded subheadings for each concept. Bolded subheadings can help your readers to focus on the parts of your posts that have the greatest relevance to them.

Bolded subheadings also up the SEO-value of your post. Including your keywords in these subheadings indicates to Google that they are your blog’s key concepts, which will help to raise your search rank.

Include real estate keywords in the right density

To get the best SEO-value for your real estate blogging strategy, you should only include 3 to 4 keywords or keyword phrases in your text. Trying to write your content around keywords tends to leave you with a stiff or awkward-sounding piece; the best advice is to write your blog, then insert keywords after you are done.

Check your grammar and spelling

Nothing turns real estate readers off as quickly as a blog that is filled with misused words, poor grammar, and typos. You should never rely on word processing software to proof your blog, as it only checks spelling, not context. Homonyms (such as there/their, here/hear, etc.) can slip through, leaving a post that is riddled with errors.

Reread your blog once you are finished writing, paying strict attention to word usage and grammar issues. If possible, have someone else at your agency proof your post for accuracy. While grammar and spelling do not directly affect your search position, readers are more likely to share well-written real estate blog posts, which will help increase your website’s visibility.

Add ALT tags to your images

The images on your real estate blog page can do more than just add to the appeal of your blog. When you add your focus keyword to the ALT tag on your images, you give Google another item to index and actually raise the SEO value of your blog. The higher search rank your blogs achieve, the more they’ll get noticed by the real estate clients you are trying to attract.

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