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Real Estate Content Marketing

Real Estate Content MarketingHow to Generate Content Marketing Ideas for Real Estate

Content discovery tips that make your writing chores a breeze!

Stumped for ideas for your next real estate blog and social marketing posts? There’s no question that real estate content marketing strategies can be some of the most effective real estate marketing methods around. When they are well-executed, content marketing strategies have an unparalleled ability to attract and engage real estate clients.

Consistently coming up with interesting, relevant topics for your real estate blogs and social posts can be quite a challenge, however. Fortunately, you don’t need to come up with topics and marketing ideas for your real estate content marketing strategies all on your own.

There are great sources of inspiration all around you, from your favorite real estate blogs to the local firm that’s producing killer infographics. The trick is learning how to generate content marketing ideas for real estate from the material you find without copying content or stealing ideas. To aid you in this task, the marketers at For Sale Marketing have put together our best content discovery tips for real estate professionals.

With a little practice, you’ll soon have a backlog of real estate content marketing ideas so you never have to agonize over a blog topic or social post again!

Real Estate Blog

The first place to look for content ideas for your real estate blog is the websites you visit on a regular basis. Reading well-written blogs not only helps you come up with content ideas, it can also help you develop your writing skills. Key places to look for content ideas for your real estate blog include:

  • Competitors’ websites
    What topics are other realtors blogging about? Look for industry news, trends, and topics that you should share with your readers. How can you add to the conversation or present a different perspective?
  • Your favorite blogs
    Look at the blogs on your can’t-miss list and consider what makes their content work. Do they use listicles? Adopt a conversational tone, offer How-to guides? Try emulating some of the stylistic elements that you enjoy when writing your own blogs.
  • Digital news outlets
    National and local digital news outlets will provide you with a number of real estate blog topics that your clients will be interested in. National news will keep you up to date on mortgage rates, economic news, and housing trends. Local news provides info on neighborhood happenings that home buyers are interested in, from new eateries and shopping districts to local schools, parks, and zoning issues.
  • Blog topic generator
    When all else fails, you can always turn to an automated blog topic generator to get your real estate writing juices flowing. HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator does a great job of coming up with blog ideas; simply enter three keywords and you’re given five possible titles.

Real Estate Social Marketing Strategies

Diversifying your content is the best way to grow engaged followers on your real estate social media pages. You can find inspiration for your real estate social media posts using:

  • Repurposed real estate content
    Much of the content that the large real estate directories are publishing can be repurposed into content for your social marketing strategies. An infographic filled with relevant real estate statistics is the perfect source for intriguing tweets and posts. Add an appropriate photo to an informative slideshare and you have a ready-made Facebook post.
  • Curated content
    Your real estate social media marketing strategies are one area where it’s perfectly fine to share others’ content. Retweet your favorite content from other real estate marketers, share real estate videos, and curate content to present a robust social marketing content strategy.
  • Popular social media marketing posts
    Follow the most popular social media marketers. How do they drive engagement? What techniques are they using to grow their followers? Learn from the best marketing gurus and employ their techniques when writing your social media posts.

If you try these tips and find your content marketing strategies are still taking too much of your time, let the marketers at For Sale Marketing take over all your content marketing chores so you can concentrate on your real estate business. We can provide you with everything you need to make your real estate content marketing strategies successful, from a responsive real estate website to expert real estate SEO copywriting services, social media marketing strategies, and much more.

Contact us at For Sale Marketing today at (954) 635-5168 for a complete range of real estate content marketing services to ensure your agency’s success!