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Search Engine Optimization Tips for Realtors

Search Engine Optimization Tips for Realtors Learn how to apply SEO strategies to your real estate website

Search engine optimization for realtors is the process of improving your real estate website’s visibility to search engines so it gets more organic (meaning unpaid) traffic. SEO is a critically important marketing strategy for today’s realtors – 90% of homebuyers now search online during their home buying process, according to data from Google and NAR, so realtors whose websites appear in the top spots in search results are going to gather the most clients. As a dedicated real estate professional, you are eager to put the marketing might of realtor SEO strategies to work building your customer base, but you need some more information on the basics of realtor SEO strategies. We’ve put together some easy tips on search optimization for realtors to get you started.

Choosing Keywords for Your Real Estate SEO Strategies
Keywords are at the center of your real estate SEO strategies.  When you choose keywords, you need to match the words and phrases that customers will enter into their search engines when they initiate real estate-related searches. You then use those keywords to identify the pages of your real estate website so Google and the other search engines will direct searchers to your site in response to user queries of those terms. Now, all the other realtors in your market are doing the exact same thing for their websites. This means that it will be very difficult to gain a top position for the most obvious, generalized real estate keywords and keyword phrases, because there are already so many real estate websites using them.

One of the best ways to get even new real estate websites to achieve a higher ranking in search results is through the use of tightly targeted, hyper local keywords. For instance, instead of using “Boca Raton homes for sale” as a keyword phrase, try using less generic phrases such as “Stonebridge homes for sale Boca Raton” to narrow the focus. Parlay your local knowledge to create the local keywords and keyword phrases that customers looking to move into your area are searching for, and you may be able to gain a higher place in search results by bypassing the phrases that the large real estate listing services are targeting.

SEO Copywriting for Realtors
Writing search engine optimized copy for your real estate website is not just a matter of plunking a few keywords into your text, and it’s not about stuffing your text so full of real estate-related keywords that it barely makes sense. When you create SEO optimized copy, whether it is for your webpages or for your real estate blog, there are certain guidelines that should be followed in order to gain the best placement in search results. There are some simple guidelines for producing SEO optimized real estate website copy that can have a large impact on your webpages’ visibility:

  • Pages should only have 3-4 keywords/ keyword phrases
  • Make sure the content of your copy is relevant to the title of the page or blog and stay on topic
  • Use subheadings to help Google understand your copy
  • Use your main keyword as the title of your page or blog, and feature it in your first paragraph
  • Write your copy first; then add the keywords in for more natural-sounding copy
  • Write a keyword-heavy Meta description that closely matches the content on your page

Using effective real estate web designs
Google recently added mobile-friendliness to the list of features it considers when assigning positions on search results, so upgrading to a mobile-friendly website serves double duty by gaining your website a higher search visibility while accommodating today’s on-the-go real estate clients. Responsive real estate website designs are definitely the way to go; in addition to meeting all of Google’s mobile-friendly parameters, a responsive real estate website design allows you to add certain features that will help it climb to a higher position in search results. Make sure your new improved responsive real estate website design includes all the search raising features:

  • Fluid, responsive real estate lead generating forms
  • IDX search integration
  • An engaging real estate blog
  • Social sharing to help customers use and share your content

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