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Real Estate Website SEO Tips: How to Make a Search-Friendly Website

Real Estate Website SEO Tips: How to Make a Search-Friendly WebsiteEasy fixes to raise your real estate website’s search rank

Does your real estate website need an SEO overhaul? If you have an attractive real estate website that isn’t generating many leads, your SEO strategy may be to blame. Google and the other search engines are constantly updating their algorithms to keep up with changes in the way Internet users access information. Because of these changing standards, the same website that topped real estate search results a year ago may have such a poor ranking now that it will not even appear on the first few pages of results. Fortunately, this is a very fixable problem. By correctly applying SEO strategies to your website, you can raise its position in search results so that real estate customers can once again find their way to your door.  We’ve put together our best real estate website SEO tips to help you recover from your low-traffic woes. Whether you are creating a new real estate website or updating your existing site, these tips will show you how to make a search-friendly real estate website that will generate the high volume of real estate leads your business needs to succeed.

Apply our top real estate keyword SEO tips
Well-chosen keywords are at the heart of the most successful real estate SEO strategies. By making just a few adjustments to your keyword selection and placement options, you can significantly improve your real estate website’s search performance:

  • Choose local real estate keywords – Instead of using the real estate keywords that thousands of realtors are competing for, choose location-specific real estate keywords to use. Hyper-local keywords can give the best search performance – focus on several desirable neighborhoods in your area. Since many of the searches performed using smartphones are stated verbally rather than typed, you should also include some natural-sounding keyword variations that echo the way customers speak when asking real estate questions.
  • Take advantage of all keyword opportunities – To deliver the best possible search performance, your real estate website needs to feature well-chosen keywords in six specific areas on each page: in the page URL, page title, Meta description, the title and ALT tag of your images, and your copy (the written content of your page).
  • Monitor your keyword frequency – It can be tempting to load your copy with keywords, but your website will gain a higher search rank if you just include 3-4 keywords per page.

Use responsive real estate website design to create your website
Now that Google has added mobile-friendliness to its list of search ranking signals, realtors need to switch to a mobile-friendly website design if they want to achieve a high position on search results. Google recommends responsive real estate website designs as the best solution, because they           automatically adjust to work flawlessly on every screen, whether customers access them using a tablet, laptop, or smartphone.

Write a search-friendly real estate blog
A real estate blog can play an enormous part in your push to make your site more search-friendly.  Your blog performs three essential search-improving functions:

  • Writing a real estate blog gives you an easy way to constantly update your site with new content each week (something Google loves!)
  • You can search new keywords each week and adjust your keywords to keep up with the latest trending real estate topics
  • A well-written real estate blog attracts interested visitors who will link to your content to share it with others. If you concentrate on writing riveting content for your blog, then go back and fit in keywords where appropriate, your blog can top your real estate link-building strategies to make your real estate website a search engine winner.

Take advantage of SEO aids
If you are one of the many realtors who are reluctant to start applying SEO strategies to their website because they believe these strategies are difficult to enact, we’ve got some good news for you.  There are a lot of free tools that can make SEO strategies surprisingly easy to put into practice. If your real estate website was created using WordPress, you can install one of the many SEO plugins available and just follow the prompts. We recommend Yoast’s WordPress SEO plugin as an excellent choice. If you don’t have a WordPress site, there are other SEO tools available, or you could just go through your website page by page, carefully applying all of the real estate SEO tips listed above.

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