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Monthly Real Estate Marketing Ideas Checklist

Monthly Real Estate Marketing Ideas Checklist How to make sure your marketing strategies stay on target

In the highly competitive world of real estate marketing, it is essential that you perform monthly marketing maintenance to keep your marketing strategies firmly on target. All too often, marketing maintenance can fall through the cracks – you have such a busy schedule as an engaged real estate professional that you can suddenly realize months have gone by since you performed a comprehensive content marketing review or plotted your long-term marketing strategy. This lack of oversight can allow your real estate marketing strategies to veer radically off course. To help you keep your marketing strategies from losing their focus, For Sale Marketing has assembled our best monthly real estate marketing ideas into this handy To-do checklist.  Assign one day each month to go through this marketing checklist; you’ll find that using it to assess your past month’s marketing performance will help you to set a strong course for the coming month’s marketing strategies.

  • Assess the success of your real estate blogging strategies
    Which of your real estate blogs are generating  the most traffic – your buyer/seller how to guides, informative local market articles, or your real estate tips and check lists? It can take three to four weeks for your real estate blogging strategies to fully mature, so you really need to examine a month’s worth of blogs to accurately judge the popularity of different blog types and styles. Once you determine which of your blogs have the widest marketing reach, you can adjust your marketing strategy to incorporate more of these winning posts.
  • Compare the performance of your real estate social marketing strategies
    Performing a monthly performance review of your social strategies will give you a clear view of which strategies are performing well, and which need to be tweaked to reach maximum effectiveness. Use the free analytic tools built into the major social sharing sites to judge their performance.
  • Facebook review: Check the number of ‘Likes’ your posts are receiving, the number of fans and followers you have, and examine visitor demographics to see if you are reaching your target audience.
  • Twitter review: Look at your followers’ demographics to see if they match your ideal audience, review the timeline of the handles that you follow to make sure their messages are in line with the image you want to present, and check how many of your messages are being re-tweeted; if your retweets are few and far between, adjust the tone, content, or timing of your tweets.
  • YouTube review: Examine the performance of the real estate videos you have posted to see which are generating the most views and the best comments. Once you see how many visitors are following your video links back to your real estate website and becoming signed clients, you can decide which video strategies to pursue.
  • Perform a paid social marketing review
    Examining the performance of your paid social strategies will help you decide where you should spend your marketing money in the coming month. Check the ROI of your paid social marketing strategies to determine which are generating the most clicks and achieving the best ROI: your Twitter Ads, Facebook Sponsored Stories, Promoted Posts, Ads, or YouTube Video Ads. Invest your next month’s marketing spend in the strategies that are generating the best return.
  • Create a content marketing calendar, complete with topics
    Trying to choose the topics for your content marketing strategies on the fly and striving to remember what content to post on which day can turn your content writing sessions into long, drawn out chores that you dread. Creating a content marketing calendar takes care of both concerns at once. Fill the calendar with the content you need to post on each day, and assign topics for the entire month. Outlining the topics for the entire month’s blogs makes it much easier to get each day’s content written quickly; it also makes it easy to create a coordinated real estate content strategy.
  • Keep in contact with established clients through a monthly email newsletter
    Your current clients are your best source for the personal referrals that generate most real estate leads, so it is important to develop your relationship with them after the sale. Sending out a monthly newsletter that features some of your most compelling content is a great way to stay top of mind with your established clients. Segment your email lists according to your clients’ demographics and interests, and include compelling subject lines to ensure your emails get opened.

If your real estate duties keep you too busy to perform the monthly marketing ideas on this checklist, the dedicated marketers at For Sale Marketing can help. As the real estate marketing agency Fort Lauderdale realtors rely on, we can provide you with everything you need to fully realize the potential of your real estate agency, from responsive real estate website design, to expert real estate SEO copywriting services, social marketing strategies for real estate, and more.

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