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Top 4 Content Marketing Strategies for Realtors

Top 4 Content Marketing Strategies for RealtorsHow to use content marketing to attract and engage real estate clients         

Content marketing has emerged in recent years as one of the most effective marketing strategies for realtors, with several unique advantages that have many real estate professionals favoring it over traditional types of marketing. While television and print marketing require significant amounts of financial investment in order to be effective, the success of real estate content marketing is dependent on your ability to produce interesting, relevant writings, videos, and pictures that visitors will want to view and read. Content marketing is interactive, allowing realtors to form and grow personal relationships even as they are extending their marketing reach.  And lastly, with content marketing you can showcase the unique skills and knowledge that you have to offer, giving you a boost that will help you to compete with the real estate listing giants that have taken over the top spots in online searches. While there are a wide variety of content marketing channels available, we have found the following top 4 content marketing strategies for realtors to be the most effective:

  1. Social Marketing Strategies for Realtors
    Social marketing presents numerous opportunities for realtors to build their brand and increase engagement with their clients. Engage client interest through Facebook posts that feature quizzes and survey questions, and provide useful information with home selling and buying tips, and other real estate related content. You can use the video hangouts on Google+ to interact with potential clients as you share real estate investment tips, run discussion groups about home renovations and other real estate projects with your Circles of real estate enthusiasts, and answer questions on LinkedIn on a variety of real estate related issues.
  2. Realtor Email Marketing Strategies
    Email newsletters are a great way to stay engaged with established clients. Segment your clients according to their particular demographics and send out a monthly or bi-monthly targeted email newsletter filled with content designed to appeal to each segment’s interests. Include links to useful guides, checklists, and free services, such as mortgage calculators, free home appraisals, etc. to ensure recipients look forward to your monthly missives.
  3. Real Estate Blog Marketing Strategies
    A weekly or bi-weekly real estate blog is an invaluable content marketing strategy for generating real estate leads online. Your real estate blog does more than just drive traffic to your website; as you impart information about real estate issues and share your insider knowledge of local neighborhoods, you position yourself as the local real estate authority. Once clients think of you in this light, they will naturally turn to you when they are ready to engage in real estate transactions.
  4. Video Marketing for Real Estate Professionals
    Now that cell phones and tablets have video capabilities, realtors can easily add video marketing to their content marketing strategies. You can quickly shoot short videos that bring your listings to life, or engage in video storytelling to showcase local neighborhoods and communities. Video storytelling has emerged as a wonderfully effective real estate content marketing strategy, as it lets you immerse potential clients into the lifestyle they could experience when they reside in one of your properties with a vividness that words simply cannot match.

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